• Hovid’s manufacturing licences for both its facilities in Perak have been revoked by the Health Ministry’s Pharmaceutical Services Division following an audit, which found that its current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) compliance were not acceptable and its pharmaceutical quality system does not comply with the latest cGMP requirements.
  • Consequently, the group has halted all its manufacturing activities with immediate effect.
  • On 6 January 2017, Hovid initiated a product recall for Ternolol 50mg film-coated tablets manufactured under the batch number BG04645 for the Malaysian market.
  • Nonetheless, the group’s distribution subsidiaries in Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines will continue to market and sell the existing stocks held by them.

Significance: Hovid aimed to revert with the necessary corrective actions to comply with cGMP required by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Department (NPRA) by end January 2017, and will invite the NPRA to audit its facilities and cGMP thereafter. The re-issuance of the licences will be subjected to NPRA being satisfied with the results of their audit.