• Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia’s (Carlsberg) 4Q16 net profit sank 36.8 percent to RM47.1 million due to a share of loss of RM3.2 million in an associate company, Lion Brewery, which was out of production for seven months caused by floods in Sri Lanka.
  • Revenue for the quarter climbed 2.9 percent to RM434.6 million due to higher export volume and product price increase in Malaysia, but offset by lower sales in Singapore.
  • The group has proposed a final and special dividend of RM0.67 per share, bringing the total dividend payout for FY16 to RM0.72 per share.
  • For FY16, net profit declined 5.1 percent to RM205 million while revenue rose 1.2 percent to RM1.68 billion.

Significance: Carlsberg commented that 2016 was a challenging year due to impacts from the Sri Lanka floods and excise duties increase in Malaysia, as well as lower sales in Singapore. The group expects market conditions to remain challenging for 2017 but is confident of delivering a satisfactory performance.