Hello AK, just curious and wanting to understand further your thought process on Hock Lien Seng Holdings Ltd (HLS). Would knowing about the bumper dividend have changed your decision? I assume the announcement wasn’t made yet when you sold.

Alamak. This is like asking me if I can see the future…
Not a meaningful question 😉

Hahahaha clearly I didn’t give a good illustration
put it another way, how would a bumper dividend + increase in the price of a stock influence your decision whether to hold/sell/whatever? Do you consider how long it takes under normal circumstances for yearly dividends to cover the bumper dividend? (e.g. 4 years of dividends for HLS assuming $0.025 per share, to account for $0.100 bumper dividend)

it is about what we feel is a fair price to pay… some feel that they want to get into HLS even at 60+c and to get the special dividend… I don’t think it is a good idea…
I think 52c was a fairly good exit price… there is no accounting for prices.
If people who buy from me make some money, good for them. I try not to overthink.

I am still holding on to 50 percent of my original investment in HLS. It has become free of cost and I see myself holding on to this investment for many more years to come.

This is just like my investment in OCK which also became free of cost when I sold half of my investment after its share price doubled a few years ago.

I won’t lose sleep over the fact that their share prices went higher after I sold half of my investment.

I made good money and will probably continue to make money from these investments. To me, that is good enough.

If I had a working crystal ball and could see the future accurately, I would not be an investor.

I would be a full-time TOTO gambler. 😉

Anyway, to sleep better at night, we won’t be wrong to avoid the phrase:

“If only I had known.”

It has no practical purpose.

This article originally appeared on AK’s blog.