Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (027.HK) and Sands China Ltd (1928.HK) rose against the market despite the Hang Seng Index crashing by 300 points on 12 June, and they continued their rise on 13 June. Link REIT (823.HK), which reached a new high on 13 June after adjusting on the day before that, remains a strong stock that should not be given up.

Also, the Federal Reserve interest rate hike in June should provide conditions for the speculation of local bank stocks, and speculation spreads should widen.

Kerry Logistics Opens CIS Network

The rise of e-commerce is driving the logistics industry. A few years ago, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo became chairman of Kerry Logistics Network. Having someone as well-connected as Yeo as its chairman is favourable to the company’s international expansion.

Kerry Logistics recently announced that it would expand its network to the Commonwealth of Independent States. Such a move will allow the company to play a more significant role in the overarching One Belt, One Road (OBOR) policy, and is beneficial to its development in China.

Another impact of OBOR can be seen through POSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd (1199.HK)’s acquisition of 51 percent stake in Noatum Port Holdings. Similarly, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co Ltd (1919.HK), which holds 46 percent stake in POSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd, stands to benefit from potential business expansions.

It’s Still Winter for Hong Kong’s Retail Industry

L’Occitane (973.HK) announced FY2017 results for the year ended 31 March. Net profit increased by 16.6 percent, but performance in Hong Kong was quite poor. Same-store sales dropped by 13.3 percent, while sales in China increased by 10.5 percent during the same period.

This shows that while purchasing power in mainland China has improved, Hong Kong’s retail industry is still facing winter.

According to recent media reports, some popular retail outlets could not rent out their shop spaces. That is something to pay attention to.

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (388.HK) will issue a new board consultation document to introduce the concept of same shares with different rights. If implementation were successful in future, it would greatly expand the size and turnover of HKEx.