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Believe it or not, our luck changes with time and during different seasons of the year. For some unknown reason, our sickness and health, poverty and wealth are governed by the universe that most of us find unfathomable.

So many times, I’ve seen fortune tellers gazing into the crystal ball trying to earn some coffee money from his client; sometimes friends spreading to one another – by word of mouth – ways to improve your luck, hoping to buy into the next Rowsley before it surged but, MOST IMPORTANTLY, avoid it when it crashed from a high of $0.198 to as low as $0.101.

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Our luck cycle looks very much like the charts of the stocks we invest in; sometimes up, sometimes down, but hopefully it will not crash and then end up getting suspended or delisted!

When times are not good, chin up and do not give up. Stay away from the stock market and read articles such as this one, go drink a cup of coffee, watch Spiderman: Homecoming or spend time with your family raiding the Pokemon gyms for the legendary birds.

Meanwhile, look out for these signs that may signify that your luck is changing and better times are just around the corner:

1. Increasing appetite

When your appetite increases, it means that your mood has improved and spirits are high. Go get a bite at Breadtalk’s Din Tai Fung, Sakae Sushi’s restaurants and Tung Lok’s group of restaurants! While you are there, do not forget to look out for tell-tale signs of their respective businesses.

Being physically there gives you an onsite feel of how their businesses are doing, but be sure to check out the moods of the staff. Happy staff means things are good while unhappy and rude staff usually hints that things are not right. Being an avid social media user, I checked out Old Chang Kee’s Facebook page and read comments that are rather unpleasant.

2. Becoming vain!

It is time for your luck to change! Ladies, do not dress like a frump! Gentleman, do not dress sloppily! Dress well, feel good, and good fortune will come your way!

Go visit Orchard Road, go visit the neighbourhood malls, go check out their occupancy rate and find out if there are more empty shops than before. Most importantly, buy yourself some clothes from Isetan, Metro, go support local if you can (but please buy online if they are cheaper…haha)!

By the end of the day, dressing well and having “shopped” a day at the malls will tell you how the retail-related REITs are doing, right?

3. Sweet dreams

My grandmother and, possibly, your grandmother, would have told you that sweet dreams are a good sign. When you start to think positively, even nightmares will dissipate! Dream about riding on the next big Bull Run and the profits that you can potentially make. Sweet!

No, there are no listed companies that sell dreams. But investing in the right mood can make your dreams come true, eh?

4. Plants at home turn greener

Eh, don’t belittle this little superstition hor! I have heard of people who follow this superstition very closely. When the plants in their homes wilt, they believe that their luck is waning but when the plants at home grow well, whatever they do will be successful. If you don’t believe, try it out for yourself!

This may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, though. It is just like technical analysis whereby things will turn out the way you think that it will.

5. Network of connections improve

Yes, when you are in luck or are riding on the next wave of good fortune, you will suddenly find yourselves with more friends – preferably friends that can help you. When you have more friends, preferably friends who have good stock market tips (not those who give you lousy tips from their brokers, please!), then how can you not enjoy good luck and fortune?

In conclusion, there are things that we can choose to believe in; there are things that we can do to make ourselves lucky. But ultimately, it is still how we feel about ourselves and our attitude towards life that determine who we are.

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