If you’ve already bought a ticket to our upcoming Shares Investment Convention 2017, thank you so much for your support and see you there on 16 September 2017 (Saturday)!

If you’re not convinced yet, some of these questions must be running through your head:

  • Who are the speakers; are they investment experts?
  • What will I learn at the event?
  • Is it suitable for beginners or seasoned investors?

We’ll address those questions in this article to remove some doubts you have before deciding whether to attend.

Q: Who are the speakers; are they investment experts?

Our speakers include David Kuo, Rusmin Ang, Kim Iskyan and Alvin Chow.

All of them have spent almost their entire career analysing stock markets.

The younger ones, Rusmin and Alvin, spent most of the past decade while the veterans, David and Kim, spent more than half of their lives navigating stock markets all over the world.

They’ve looked at not just Singapore and Asian stock markets but also the Western parts of the globe. It’s fair to say they’re investment experts in their own rights.

Q: What will I learn at the event?

For people who are interested in earning a “salary” from investing in the excellent companies, David and Rusmin are your guys. David will talk specifically about investing in REITs while Rusmin will focus on the broader topic of maximising dividends for passive income.

Now, understanding developments in the broad economy is important in identifying upcoming trends and dynamics. Kim has experience as a fund manager, research director, stock analyst – your name it. There aren’t many experts like Kim and he will discuss market trends and dynamics in emerging and Asian markets.

Portfolio diversification is important – we all know that. But what if Alvin were to tell you that you can go one step further by diversifying your portfolio not just by sectors and countries, but by investing factors? Alvin devoured many books published by academics and economists, and he’ll share with you how you can really profit from the markets today.

Every speaker’s topics can be applied in conjunction with one another to help you invest profitably in a low-growth economy.


I want to learn from the experts!

Q: Is it suitable for beginners or seasoned investors?

While some of the topics might sound a little foreign to beginners or too basic for season investors, you’ll be surprised at the depth and breadth they’ll be covering.

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry because the speakers will present in layman terms. You’ll be able to understand even if you’re just starting out and immediately apply some of the concepts they discussed.

If you’re a seasoned investor, the depth of their content will give you a deeper and new insight into how you can refine your investment strategies to maximise your profits and dividends.

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David, Rusmin, Kim and Alvin are all passionate advocates for better retail investor knowledge and we know Shares Investment Convention 2017 is an event you will benefit greatly from.

Click on the button below to grab your tickets now!


I want to learn from the experts!

If you have any other questions or want to enquire about bulk discounts, don’t hesitate to email us at seminar@sharesinv.com or call us at 8622 6396!

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