I have an existing HDB loan of $270,000 over 30 years with my spouse and we are deciding whether we should try to reduce the loan amount with our CPF OA or transfer some to CPF SA.

Objective is to pay the housing loan – debt free and to have a good retirement amount at 65 (hopefully to hit at least $500,000 in CPF).

We are 35 this year and we have around $80,000 in our CPF OA each with around 30k in CPF SA.

Hope to get your kind advice on this!

When we use our CPF-OA savings to pay for our home, we stop earning interest from the government. Instead, we have to pay ourselves interest if we should sell our home.

Once we realise this, it becomes pretty obvious that in an environment of prolonged low-interest rates, it would probably be a better idea to pay for our home using cash if we can afford to do so. Don’t use our CPF-OA savings.

Central to the idea is to receive more interest income for our CPF savings with an eye on achieving a higher level of risk-free and volatility free retirement funding.

Before doing any OA to SA transfer, I would keep enough in the CPF-OA to service at least 24 months of mortgage payments. Bad things do happen unexpectedly.

Savings in our CPF-SA receive a base interest rate of 4.0% per annum.

If you use your OA savings to pay your HDB loan, you are saving 2.6% in interest payment but you will be losing 2.5% in interest income. So, you have a net saving of 0.1%…

Thank you so much for the prompt reply and words of wisdom.

I will keep in mind your kind advice and work out a long term plan.

It has been very kind of you to share your knowledge and wisdom especially for many of us who are caught at a junction, not sure what is the best way to move forward and yet we would want to maximise the returns for our efforts/assets/decision. Sometimes, there is really no right/wrong way to make a decision.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge selflessly!

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This article originally appeared on AK’s blog.

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