Buck Tan Mu Kun, one of our speakers at the upcoming Shares Investment Conference 2H2017 “股林大会” discussed some important issues retail investors should look out for in the short-term on local radio station 95.8fm on 11 October 2017.

The next Fed chairperson is crucial!

The US Federal Reserve will release the minutes of the September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on 11 October 2 pm (US time).

Mr Tan doubts that the latest FOMC meeting minutes shouldn’t affect the stock market much because the majority of the stock market players have already priced in a December Fed rate hike.

Interest rates aside, most retail investors are more concerned who will take over the Fed chair when Janet Yellen steps down since the trajectory of interest rates will depend largely on the new chair.

There’s still a possibility that Yellen might have a second term. But if she steps down, Kevin Warsh, who met with US President Donald Trump, might take the helm in February 2018.

3Q’s corporate earnings result is extremely crucial!

The Singapore Ministry Of Trade And Industry (MTI) will be announcing the GDP growth for 3Q on 13 October 2017 (Friday) and Mr Tan is watching that number very closely.

The general market consensus is that of 3.1% for Singapore’s 3Q GDP growth but some market observers think that the actual number might be even higher than that.

If exports, production numbers and property prices are indeed growing, the market estimates and forecasts will follow suit.

Most Singapore-listed companies will start announcing their 3Q corporate earnings results starting from the third week of October.

As such, Mr Tan points out that positive 3Q corporate earnings results might push the STI past the 3,350-point level and maybe even beyond 3,400 points.

Upcoming Event


Buck Tan Mu Kun will be speaking at Shares Investment’s upcoming Chinese conference, 《股林大会》SIC2H2017 on 4 November 2017 (Saturday), sharing the stage with Goh Mou Lih and Liu Jin Shu who are regular speakers at 958fm among other local media platforms, and renowned investment expert Dr Chan Yan Chong.

Here are the five key topics we’ll talk about:

  1. US Federal Reserve’s plan to raise rates and shrink its balance sheet and how the stock market will be impacted
  2. Who will take over the chair of the US Federal Reserve?
  3. China’s market outlook after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
  4. The Singapore property sector outlook
  5. Which stocks to consider and which stocks to avoid?

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