Just about two weeks back, Shares Investment published an article titled “4 Things We Learned Meeting With Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings”. Since then, stocks of company have been on a tear. As of 2 November 2017, Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings’ (Kim Heng) shares rose to $0.103, registering almost a 30 percent gain over the fortnight.

In our article, we highlighted how the prudence of Kim Heng’s management helped it to stay afloat during the oil downturn and how it further gives the company an operational edge over its peers to capture a turnaround. Casting a spotlight on Kim Heng’s robust balance sheet, we also underscored the company’s ability to capitalise on favourable acquisitions.

Sharing our sentiments, The Edge Singapore also reported that SAC Advisors also likes Kim Heng for the reasons that we are reiterating above. Based on the share price of $0.103, Kim Heng has a market cap of $73.8 million and is trading at about 0.8 times its book value.