A brilliant harmony of urban and nature in Puteri Cove Residences (“PCR”) is created through internationally acclaimed ID and landscape designers, DWP and SHMA respectively, two renowned award-winning firms with definitive successes across the world, including the Banyan Tree Macau and The 4 Gardens at Queen Sirikit Park, Bangkok Thailand. 

PCR with its exceptional offerings of an all-inclusive premier marina waterfront resort living is thoughtfully curated to meet a global trend towards this coveted luxury lifestyle. The rare opportunity and romance of living by the marina and sea have driven extraordinary demand for waterfront homes in Southeast Asia on the back of the region’s increasing affluence. PCR is designed and developed with this key lifestyle in mind and only the highest standards of cutting-edge concepts have been incorporated to elevate the way people live, work and play. Together with DWP and SHMA, the region’s award-winning and internationally acclaimed ID and landscape architecture consultants, the SGX-listed Pacific Star Development and DB2 Land, both Singapore developers behind this iconic mixed-use luxury development have created a modern waterfront living environment and luxury resort concept that caters to the evolving lifestyles of well-heeled homebuyers.

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Landscaping That Is In A Class Of Its Own

SHMA is an award-winning Bangkok-based landscape architectural firm renowned for its contemporary landscape architecture and urban design. SHMA’s creativity and finesse can be observed throughout PCR, as they deliver stunning waterscape which mirror and capitalizes on the surrounding waters; drawing residents closer and beyond the sea. “Our extensive portfolio of landscape designs demonstrates our exceeding ability to work with and enhance a variety of architectural styles whilst creating a unique landscape design for each client. Each finished landscape is a tight fruitful collaboration between our clients and our team, and it is our job to realise their dreams and give them more than they expected,” shares Mr Yossapon Boonsom, Director of SHMA.

 A Celebration Of Space Through Artfully Designed Outdoor Spaces

 SHMA’s design philosophy is simple yet striking. Their design strategy and approach carefully complements the sophistication and diversity of PCR’s surrounding lush greenery and waterscape, and encapsulates the tranquil marina scene into the design and architecture of the development. Designed to suit a variety of lifestyles, PCR’s extensive resort styled landscape and facilities epitomizes a tropical heaven on earth where one can escape from the pressures of daily routines and luxuriate in lyrical moments amidst the calming waters, right at the doorstep.


Rainforest – A Sense Of Mystery And Respite

The experience is enriched as guests and visitors approach the promenade level of PCR which sits in front of the breathtaking private marina waterscape. The promenade levels are split meaningfully to complement retail functions such as multi-layer access point to shops and alfresco dining terraces, intermittent green walls to introduce natural ventilation to the car park, and accompanying water steps leading to the promenade. Lush vegetation native to the region such as palm and frangipani trees are selected for its resistance to high winds and humidity, and serve as a buffer element between the marina and the promenade while creating a lush environment with unprecedented privacy amidst the waterlines and green belts. Sitting in the grand lobby lounge of each residential tower, one can enjoy the picturesque outdoor rainforest garden framed by seven-meter high motif-windows. The combination of plantings with sounds from the water features accentuates a sense of mystery whilst elevating the coziness and soothing luxurious ambience within.


Cove – Luxurious Privacy

The continuation of the surrounding water and greenscape flows right to the expansive facilities deck of PCR. With ideation stemming from a “Secret Garden” – alcoves with pockets of sanctuary islands such as cabanas, daybeds, and gardens arranged within various landscape settings are scattered throughout, acting as resting coves. Interlocking water body pass through the entire landscape recreation spaces to assist in cooling the microclimate and offer a variety of swimming experience. One can relish in a new level of indulgence here with many fabulous facilities such as from sky lap pool to Jacuzzis, offering a large range of activities with the likes of yoga deck and playground to recharge, rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and soul.


The landscape space is split into multi-levels to achieve privacy for each activity within the intended space and to create a dynamic view from above looking down. The use of varying palettes of plants and materials lend a sense of relaxation accompanying tranquility. Visually stunning uninterrupted views of the private marina and Straits of Johor can be enjoyed from the Sky Observation Deck on the 16th and 17th floors. “PCR provides generous outdoor space for all residents and the public to enjoy. Together with the developer, we worked to deliver an enriching home life indoors and outdoors for all residents. Not to mention, a well-designed, installed and maintained ground will add beauty and value to the site. Together, we managed to showcase the distinctive and exceptional characteristics of the development,” Mr Boonsom adds.

Skillfully Integrating Interior Design With The Outdoors

A conscious effort was also made to blend the interior design with the architecture and landscaping so as to integrate the indoor and outdoor experience and maximise the surroundings, delivering a seamless blend of both sensory aesthetics and functionality in all facets, setting the scene for true living, relaxation, dining, entertainment and enjoyment all in one.

“As an award-winning network of architects and interior designers, DWP is energised with a brand new joy, excitement and pride amongst our team every time we complete one of our projects. Our portfolio of globally reputable and satisfied clients is a testimony of our strength and commitment to deliver each and every project to the highest international standards while offering diversity, flexibility and creativity over a broad spectrum”, shares Ms Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon, General Manager of DWP. “We were very honoured to be given the opportunity to work alongside the very dedicated and knowledgeable developer team who oversaw and participated in the entire conceptualization and design process from start to finish. The close collaboration was truly invigorating as both parties engaged and challenged each other continuously to experiment and explore varying designs and thoughtful spaces till perfection for Puteri Cove Residences”, adds Ms Kamolratanapiboon.

Cognizant of the diverse cultures and lifestyles that is curated for PCR DWP mobilized their multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams which included Thais, Malaysians, Laotians and Australians to marshal their collective expertise, experience and know-how specially for the project.

The inspiration for the arresting designs of PCR stemmed from the prime yet quaint waterfront location it is nestled in, hence the nautical theme. Specifically, elements from luxury yachting such as leather stitching and details on the flooring were incorporated into the design. The sense of a luxury yacht is thus reenacted in the sales gallery, while the show suites took on an exotic resort ambience, all with a subtle hint of Thai arts and crafts.

At its heart, the design exudes luxury and elegance with an emphasis on natural elements, such as ropes and mother of pearl, as well as a turquoise colour scheme. When in the public spaces there is a definite feeling of being on a private luxury yacht — spacious, warm, welcoming and comfortable. A unique pattern for the project was created. This pattern mimics the shape of a wave and is used throughout in the form of decorative partitioning. Traditional was fused with contemporary for a timeless appeal through harmonious colours, textures and fabrics, and complementing premium quality materials and finishes were chosen to emanate a strong sense of luxury and desirability. Accessories from across the region were sought in order to maintain a consistent theme across the various spaces.



Standing The Test of Time

With continued confidence in Puteri Harbour, a steady stream of demand and interest has been observed by international homebuyers and investors who want to benefit in the capital and rental appreciation of waterfront homes in and around Puteri Harbour and many certainly appreciate the over 30 world class facilities and lush landscape that PCR offers. Nestled in Iskandar Puteri’s best-loved recreational and prestigious residential marina enclave Puteri Harbour, this project also enjoys a rare locational strength of being a mere 10 minutes away from Singapore’s Tuas 2nd Link. This rare confluence of being in the heart of Iskandar Puteri, near the city-state and yet away from the hustle and bustle makes it a highly sought after picturesque oasis of the lush beautiful natural environment.

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Readers of our Shares Investment can experience the beauty of Puteri Cove Residences first-hand through a complimentary 2-way trip on 28 April 2018, where you will be taken on an exclusive tour of this exceptionally finished luxury marina living residential project with its 11 show suites and enjoy exclusive promotions for a limited period only!

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