For the first time, Dr Tee has established a high quality online investing course (9 modules of videos over 2 hours) on How to Discover Giant Stocks with Value Investing Strategies.  This is useful for both investors and traders to master the giant stocks to buy.  The online investing course is hosted by investingnote, a permanent platform, meaning after signing up, the video course will be available for repeated viewing in future.  You may also share this low cost educational program with family members (one payment for all to learn at own pace) who may have busy schedule or currently living overseas, learning useful stock investment knowledge remotely.

Currently there is a new launch special rate for Ein55 members (you may share this email with friends who can qualify the same rate), original online investing course fee is $100, currently selling at only $25 (75% Discount).  This minimal course fee is helping the host to maintain the platform for online investing course, not driven by the profit.  After the promotion period is over, course fee may be adjusted to original price.

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Online Investing Course Description

There are 2 main stock investing objectives: investing for income (dividends) and investing for capital gains, which we could achieve through a portfolio of global giant stocks with strong business fundamental. In this value investing course, Dr Tee will teach the powerful methods step by step, how to form a dream team stock portfolio with understanding of 3 financial statements and 11 critical fundamental criteria with practical applications in global stock screening.

Learning Points:

1) Master 3 Value Investing Strategies on What Giant Stocks to Buy:

– Growth Investing Strategy (Growth Stocks / Momentum Stocks)

– Undervalue Investing Strategy (Undervalue Property Stocks / Bank Stocks)

– Dividend Investing Strategy (REITs / non-REITs Dividend Stocks)

2) Apply Fundamental Analysis (FA) with 3 Key Financial Statements and 11 Critical FA Criteria to Identify Global Giant Stocks

– Income Statement

– Balance Sheet

– Cashflow Statement

3) Practical Demo on Global Giant Stock Screening

– Selection Criteria for Growth Stocks, Undervalue Stocks & Dividend Stocks

– Sample 100 Global Giant Stocks for Singapore, US, Hong Kong & Malaysia

– 5 Free Global Stock Screeners

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After mastering What Stocks to Buy from this online investing course, learners may proceed to sign up for free stock investment courses by Dr Tee to master When to Buy / Sell with 10 Optimism Strategies, you could meet up with Dr Tee, coming earlier for bonus stock diagnosis.  Content of online investing course ($25) and monthly 4hr meet-up course (free) are different, knowledge can be integrated into 10 different stock trading and investing strategies.

Dr Tee Courses

Learn 10 Strategies of Stock Trading & Value Investing (股市投资策略)

1)    Master Buy Low Sell High for all investment markets (stock, property, commodity, forex, bond) (买低卖高:股票、房地产、商品、外汇、债券)

2)    Profit in bearish and bullish markets, understanding the true impact of US Interest Rate Hike, Bullish Global Economy, Oil & Gas Crisis (环球经济)

3)    Long-term investing strategies to outperform portfolio return of Temasek, Li Ka-Shing, Warren Buffett, major stock indices/ETF and other funds (长期投资策略)

4)    High-probability Shorting techniques for short term traders to profit from falling stock market while others are losing money or doing nothing (短期卖空技巧)

5)    Generate consistent Passive Income with REITS and real property with knowhow of high dividend stock and property market cycles (房地产信托股的被动收入)

6)    Methods of Spring Cleaning for own stock portfolio to eliminate junk stocks without any hope (股票大扫除)

7)    Time for Global Financial Crisis to buy blue chip stocks on sale (危机也是良机)

8)    What to buy (stock screening), When to buy/sell (buy low sell how), How much to buy/sell (risk management): (股票三部曲:买何股?何时买卖?买卖多少?)

9)    Fundamental   Analysis (FA) + Technical Analysis (TA) + Personal Analysis (PA), integrated with unique Optimism Strategy by Dr Tee (乐观指数:三法一体)

10) Global Stock Market Outlook: emerging opportunities with high potential in Singapore, US, China & Hong Kong stock markets (环球股票市场展望: 新美中港,股票良机)

3 BONUSES for Dr Tee Workshop Attendees:


Bonus #1 for Readers:  Dr Tee Investment Forum with over 6
000 members (Private Group)

(Please click “JOIN” with link above and wait for Admin approval of membership)

  • Market Outlook (stocks, properties, bonds, forex, commodities, macroeconomy, etc)
    市场展望 (股票、房地产、债券、外汇、商品、宏观经济等)
  • Optimism/ Fundamental / Technical / Personal Analyses
    (乐观指数 / 基本分析 / 技术分析 / 个人分析)
  • Investment risks & opportunities (投资风险及机遇)
  • Dr Tee graduates events and activities updates (Dr Tee学员活动最新消息)


Bonus #2 for Readers:  Dr Tee Investment eBooks x 2

Dr Tee eBooks

Fresh from Oven: Download the latest 2 eBooks by Dr Tee on “Global Stock Market Outlook“, covering comprehensive investment topics: Stock, Property, Commodity, Forex, Bond and Political Economy & “Dream Team Portfolio” with Top 10 global stocks for capital gains and passive incomes. Past readers have benefited, learning Simple and Powerful strategies which deliver incredible results in stocks. Learn to position for each market crisis and opportunity with Optimism Strategies.

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