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As you know, there is no limit in the learning of trading/investing knowledge.  We should be open to different schools of thoughts, eventually reshaping our own personalized investing strategy. I have known a few stock educators who are sincere in sharing their knowledge with the students.  After careful review and consideration, I have decided to invite John Lu & Robert Xu (2 Professional Traders) to jointly conduct an exclusive 1-day invited course (free, conducted in Chinese / 华语 with English keywords in presentation) on Top 8 Trading Secrets (股票交易八大秘诀). This invitation is extended to all newsletter readers.  You may bring along 2 friends to learn together.

AM (Part 1) 《全球股市巨震后的良机揭秘》Robert Xu(徐瑞鹏)

AM (Part 2) 《布局2019最后4个月的完美交易策略》John Lu(吕兆军)

PM (Part 1) 《让暴跌风险与我无关的逃顶术》John Lu(吕兆军)

PM (Part 2) 《截断亏损让股市利润翻滚》Robert Xu(徐瑞鹏)

When the free ticket for 1-day invited course is sold out (first come first served), it will be updated on the registration form, please register ASAP but ensure you could 100% attend the talk. Here are the details:

Click Link Below to Register (登记) 1-Day Invited Course (Chinese / 华语):

Date:  3 Aug 2019 (Sat)
Time:  8:30am – 6pm
(1-to-1 coaching on stock diagnosis for early birds during 8:30am-9:30am, 诊股)
Venue: 36 Purvis Street, #02-06 Talib Centre, Singapore 188613
Map (near City Hall MRT exit A, opposite National Library, building located at middle of Purvis Street):

John & Robert will share Top 8 Trading Secrets that they used to create consistent streams of income from both bullish & bearish stock markets over 4 main topics in 1 Day course (conducted in Chinese, Q&A can be bilingual in Chinese/English):

Learn Top 8 Trading Secrets (股票交易八大秘诀):

1) 国际股市9月到12月机会风险分析

Analysis of Risks and Opportunities in Global stock market from September to December 2019

2) 近期股市转折点时空预测

Forecast of recent stock market Turning Point and Space Target

3) 当下全球股市热点个股点评

Review of Hot Stocks in global markets

4) 提高卖空成功率的3个技巧

Three tips to improve the success rate of short selling

5) 可以提前布局的黑马暴涨股

Layout in advance of “Black Horse” strong momentum stocks

6) 让普通散户快速变成股市赢家的秘诀

Tips for ordinary retail investors to quickly become stock market winners

7) 经典投资理念和神奇战法

Classic investment philosophy and magical software tactics

8) 哪些类型股票要抓紧脱手

Which types of stocks to sell quickly

Register Here (登记1天特邀大师班)

For attendee of this 1-day invited course, John & Robert have kindly prepared 2 bonus video courses (will be shared by Dr Tee after the talk over email, please register your name with correct email address, sign-in when attending):

1) English: Minimize Losses and Maximize profit in your trading
2) Chinese (华语): 十年两百倍的秘密

This is not a sales talk, we will learn solid trading knowledge from John & Robert.  Personally I will also be there in this talk to facilitate the knowledge learning by audience.  You will enhance your skill in short to mid-term trading, timing of entry/exit (using John’s and Robert’s trading Strategies), combining with what you have learned from Dr Tee on Optimism Strategies to look for fallen Giants, this will be the best integration of trading and investing strategies.

For traders, you could learn long and shorting strategies to profit from both bullish and bearish markets.  For investors, you could integrate with these advanced trading strategies to help in buying stocks at long-term low optimism, taking profit at high optimism.  In addition, you will learn many other new techniques from John & Robert, including 1-to-1 coaching to diagnose your stocks with an advanced trading software (Homily) for early birds.

The free seats are very limited, strictly first come first served.  I may not be able to host another exclusive course easily as John and Robert schedule are very tight.  Grab on this rare opportunity to learn from them!

Dr Tee

P/S: If you could not make it for this 1-day invited course by John & Robert, you may learn from other free investment courses by Dr Tee, Join Dr Tee investment forum + Download free eBooks by Dr Tee (Register Here:

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Invited Speakers Profile

Speaker 1: John Lu (吕兆军)

john lu

Speaker 2: Robert Xu (徐瑞鹏)

robert xu

So, learn from John Lu & Robert Xu in this exclusive FREE 1-Day Invited Course!

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