The Wealth Hacking Conference is a full-day event where you’ll learn the secrets of mastering your own wealth, one hack at a time.

In this exciting and informative conference, we have 4 key opinion leaders lined up to share with you the 3 bucket strategies where you’ll be able to understand and formulate an overall masterplan to protect, preserve and grow your wealth.

This is a no brainer must-attend especially if you….

  • Desire to make more income…and stop struggling in the rat race forever
  • Know that you need to shift your mind set…but don’t know how to change
  • Love to fulfil your true potential…and stop living a mediocre life


Introducing the 3 buckets strategies:

  1. Protection/emergency bucket for emergency needs: 3-digit monthly cashflow
  1. Low risk investments bucket for retirement needs: 4-digit yearly passive income 
  1. High returns bucket for aspirational needs: 5-digit capital gain over the years

And more importantly, how to turn your dreams into real results by mastering the importance of emotional stability when you invest!

Plus much more!

Meet the 4 wealth hackers who will be sharing the secret hacks to stock up your wealth bucket:

1. Dr Daniel Kao (Investment Specialist) – 1st Bucket: 3 Digit Monthly Cashflow Strategy


Graduated as a medical doctor from the National University of Singapore, Daniel’s life change when he discovered the joy of stock investing and has been doing so for 7 years. 

Having achieved financial freedom, Dr. Daniel is now able to spend more time with his family and the people he loves. He continues to share and teach people about value investing and has been featured in the medias such as The Straits Times and 93.8FM. Dr. Daniel has also had the opportunity to speak in schools such as NUS, SIM and NTU.

Daniel will be sharing on the 3-digit monthly Cashflow strategy for protection/emergency needs where you’ll have access to a pool of cash very quickly and easily in a short span of time. For example, imagine if you have 6 months worth of living expenses in a savings account and in fixed deposits so that in the event of any emergency, you’re able to have access into that cash and use it. This should allow you to cover your day to day expenses, as well as in the event of an emergency. 

2. Ow Tai Zhi (CEO of AutoWealth) – 2nd Bucket: 4-digit yearly passive income for retirement needs 


Tai Zhi started AutoWealth after spending more than 10 years in the investment field working for Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, hedge fund and family fund. He advises investment strategies, constructs and allocates portfolios. Tai Zhi is appointed the Vice-Chairman of the SAFRA Investment Committee, advising the investment of more than S$100 million of assets. He is a Board member of NUS Business School Alumni Association.

Tai Zhi will be sharing the 4-digit yearly passive income for retirement needs where you’ll be looking at investments that are very stable and diversified, yet able to provide you with yield and income. In particular, his sharing will be on ETFs looking at a large basket of a variety of stocks and bonds, and gives you your returns in the form of steady yields year in and year out where you can expect anything from 5 to 7% a year in this particular bucket.

3. Pauline Teo (Millionaire Super Mum) – 3rd Bucket: 5-digit capital gain over the years


As a Millionaire Mum, Pauline has achieved an impressive 25% dividend yields from her investments. She then authored a book “Value Investing For Women” and “Value Investing For Parents” because she knows that the greatest gift for her children is securing her own financial independence so that her children can focus their financial resources on other matters.

She will be sharing more on the 5-digit capital gain over the years for aspirational needs through the time-tested and trusted methodology of value investing by buying great stocks at super undervalued discounted prices. This is probably the most exciting as we all have dreams that we want to achieve: be it saving up to travel, paying for your children’s educational fund, buy a bigger house or even to retire earlier. The concept of this bucket is to look at specific stocks that are able to give us 300% return, 100% returns and even 2000% returns over time.

4. Melvin Soh (Entrepreneur) – Emotional stability when you invest


Having mastered the art of goal achievement, Melvin was able to turn many of his bright ideas into actual business to enjoy a life of more time and freedom for himself. His promise is simple: listen closely to what he shares and implement what he covers and you will finally turn your dreams and ideas into actual results and profits you can see in your hands. 

As Melvin will be sharing about the importance of mastering your personal emotional stability when it comes to accumulating wealth, his topic encompasses identifying some “leaky holes” such as your mind set and perspective about money, as well as repairing and expanding your wealth bucket.

Why would our wealth hackers think that you should attend?

Repetition is the mother of mastery. Concepts revised over time will turn into positive habits. You may have seen them in person talking about their opinions some time ago. That’s all the more that you need to see them in person 1 more time because they have gained new found knowledge.

Unless you wish to stay at the same spot for the rest of your life, choose a date, register and mark our event dates in your calendar.Register For Free Now!

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