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Sparked by the government’s contentious extradition bill, civilians and protesters continue to hold large scale protests and rallies in Hong Kong. The social unrest going into its fourth month, sees no signs of easing. How would it affect HK’s reputation and status as Asia’s financial hub?
How would it affect HK’s long-term economic development and investment prospects?

In an interview with 95.8FM, Dr. Chan Yan Chong shared his view that the social unrest has little impacts on HK’s financial sector and long-term outlook. Contending  an example cited from Reuters that a tycoon and wealth managers are scrambling to move assets overseas to seek stability, Dr Chan holds a different view. In his opinion, while the unrest did affect confidence in general,  political views are subjective and there are bound to be people that chose to let assets remain onshore. In addition, overseas assets could also quickly be repatriated. What is more, the protests and rallies are often only held during the weekends and hence do not affect the operations of financial institutions that are typically weekdays. As such, in reality, capital is still flowing unrestricted and HK’s financial sector is not as impacted as rumour has it.

More specifically,  Dr. Chan explains that the HK retail sector is more devastated. This is because the mass protests during weekends also force nonparticipating citizens to stay home. Correspondingly, this can impact consumption spending severely.

In the long-term, HK’s challenges will not arise from the current unrest. The more tricky challenge would be to thrive along how the Mainland Central Government would position HK in the long-term.


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