Can’t wrap your heads around developing trends? Is your portfolio being held hostage to Trump’s whim and oh-so-frequent tirade? Are you worried about Hong Kong’s social unrest? Come chart a smooth investment journey with us at Shares Investment Conference this November!

Dr. Chan Yan Chong

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The Chinese delegation just canceled on the US farm trip after wrapping up trade talks with US officials. Even after both the US and China stoked up hopes before the meeting, it seems the two sides still cannot resolve their ongoing trade disputes. 

In the face of this uncertainty, who can illuminate the roadmap and navigate your investments to safe harbour? With the upcoming US Presidential Election 2020 next year, how would Donald Trump play his game to up his chances of being re-elected? What stocks could outperform the market? 

Well catch your chance to meet with the renowned stock guru Dr. Chan Yan Chong at the upcoming Shares Investment Conference! Enjoying the reputation as the “Seer of Retail Investors”, Dr. Chan has a complete grasp of the political situation in Hong Kong/China and their impacts on the stock market.

Having been able to predict the multiple peaks and troughs, Dr. Chan had also earlier urged investors to buy into public utility stocks before the social tension in HK escalated. 

Jarrick Seet


The current Head of Research (Small Caps) of RHB Securities, the young Mr. Jarrick Seet has been honored as the best analyst in Singapore for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018. His research report and unique insights have also made his views widely noticed by investors and the media.

His stock picking skills cannot be understated. After the recent release of Unusual Production’s report, the stock price jumped 10 percent!

What is his market forecast in 2020 and what stocks to pick up to ride the trends? Get your tickets now and hone your stock picking knowledge!

Pauline Teo


Don’t just envy the success of others and completely underestimate your own potential!

At the upcoming Shares Investment Conference, Ms. Pauline Teo will show retail investors how to “cut a tree with a small knife”. Having started out from a small investor herself,  she has now earned millions of dollars from investing in stocks and is also recognized as a “million supermum” by the Singapore media!

Jay Tun

jay tun

As an independent trader willing to share trading experience, Mr. Jay Tun started his trading career when he was only 22 years old. Self-taught and determined, he has since read 200 books on investments and trading techniques since college. To establish his own model, he has also tested multiple trading patterns by senior traders. 

Mr. Tun has accumulated 10 years of trading experience and has the proficiency to trade efficiently in different market conditions. Among the different securities, Jay specializes in options trading and swing trading in stocks, currencies, futures and CFDs.

Since 2015, more than a thousand retail traders from Southeast Asia have benefited from his “Swim Trading” tutorial, due to his activities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Come and learn from Mr. Jay Tun on how to use the City Index service to profit from the stock market!


Can’t wrap your heads around developing trends? Is your portfolio being held hostage to Trump’s whim and oh-so-frequent tirade? Are you worried about Hong Kong’s social unrest? 

Our favourite GURU, Dr. Chan Yan Chong Is BACK! Best known for forecasting the peaks and troughs in the stock market cycle, Dr. Chan will share his foresight on various stock markets’ performances at Shares Investment Conference 2H19! Learn from The GURU himself and chart a smooth investment journey! 

Get your tickets today!

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