Dr Chan: Trade War Shows China’s Real Economic Might

From the latest official figures published recently, Singapore’s economic growth in 2Q19 was weaker than expected. Given the gloomy climate, some are now wondering if the Singapore government would call for an early election.
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Accrelist Readying For A New Era Of Growth

Years of hard work seem to be paying off for local-listed Accrelist. After taking over the company (formerly WE Holdings) in 2013, the current executive Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Terence Tea has since made strides in the restructuring of the business and that of its subsidiary and crown jewel, Jubilee Industries Holdings (Jubilee).

STI Fails To Follow US’s Lead In Charting New Highs

Last week, US’s Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crossed 27,000 for the first time reaching a record high of 27,359.16 on 15 July 2019. Unfortunately, the rally did not follow through and the US index slippe...

4 Yield Plays As Trade War Uncertainties Linger

Despite agreeing to restart negotiations at the G20 meeting, no further talks had taken place between US and Chinese officials. Uncertainties continue to linger, as China seems to be hardening its stance on making more concessions that the US is pressing for.

Top 5 Simple Ways to Build Your Wealth Slowly… But SURELY!

Much has been said when it comes to achieving wealth – elusive, unattainable, difficult… What most people don’t know however, is that achieving wealth can be easy and all it takes are baby steps and some patience (the very thing that most people don’t have).

5 S-REITs That Investors Should Own For Yield And Growth

S-REITs have been putting in a strong performance since the start of 2019. This continues to grow as a benign interest rate environment and a deteriorating macro backdrop shifts investors into S-REITs. According to MBKE, investors eyeing returns from both yields and growth should continue to find value in S-REITs. Among the S-REITs, here are five S-REITs that MBKE recommends for investors who are looking for yield and growth.

It’s Time To Switch Back To Liquid Large Caps (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part series, we covered four value REIT and property plays that CIMB recommends in the current investment climate. In part two of this series, we focus on four other large cap plays that are able to sustain and absorb shocks in the market.

It’s Time To Switch Back To Liquid Large Caps (Part 1)

Following a dismal 1Q19 where there were more misses than beats against consensus estimates, CIMB thinks that the tide has now shifted towards earnings predictability, value and yield in 2Q19 results. The case for investors to look into these factors is further reinforced by a dovish interest rate outlook.