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AK: An Average HDB Household & $1 Million For Retirement?

Some might remember that I talked about an article written by Cai Haoxiang in The Business Times in 2013. He wrote about what an average household's monthly expenses could look like in 2042, using the Household Expenditure Survey 2007-2008 from the Department of Statistics as a reference.

AK: Have A Fully Paid HDB Flat & Make Money

A friend told me he is seriously considering selling his fully paid 5 room HDB flat in RCR to buy 2 shoebox apartments so that he could stay in one and rent out the other for cash flow. Hopefully, property prices would go up and he could benefit from capital gain by selling one.

AK: Worried About Upgrading Your Home?

A commonly debated issue - should we upgrade our homes if we have the ability to? AK says the most important question to ask is: Will you have a peace of mind? Don't ever give up your piece of mind, regardless how rich you are.

AK: $100,000 Lesson From Marco Polo Marine

I always say that I have been mostly lucky as an investor. The operative word is "mostly". Long time readers would remember the narrative for Marco Polo Marine, a business which transformed from a tugs and barges operator, it was doing all the right things to grow stronger, adding value over the years.

AK: Know How To Grow Our CPF Savings

AK thinks there are quite a few readers who are confused about the difference between contributing to their CPF account and topping up their CPF account. He understands their confusion. Once upon a time, he was confused too.