Two Compelling Stocks At Attractive Valuation Now

An attractive stock is one with strong fundamentals sweetened by undemanding valuation that are compelling enough for investors. Here are two stocks touted to be worth accumulating at their current share price.

2 Hospitality Stocks To See A Turnaround In 2H18

As the June holiday season comes to an end, many would have returned from their vacations overseas feeling well rested as they go into the second half of the year. An essential part of the travelling experience includes staying at comfortable hotels for a much-deserved rest. Seasonally, hospitality sector tends to see higher activities in the later part of the year and hence why hospitality-related stocks tend to perform more positively.

Aviation Stocks – Impacts Of The Hike In Passenger Service Charges

Avid travellers must have learned of the news about the impending increase in Passenger Service Charges (PSC) in Changi International Airport starting next month (1st July 2018). The rise in PSC charged per passenger will have an impact on the aviation industry in Singapore and investors should read on to find out the effect of the increased fees.

Rising Bond Yields And Impacts On Local Banks

The increase in interest rates led by the Federal Reserve signals a generally healthy economy which should bode well with the banking sector. The current environment is still encouraging for investments as well as consumption. This would lead to growing needs for more loans to finance spending.

ComfortDelgro – What Next After Uber’s Exit

As Uber officially exited the Singapore market, many riders were lamenting about how taxi fares have seemed to have gone up. Since Uber’s exit, Grab – the remaining private ride-hailing company – has been offer...

Consumer Staple Stocks Are Making A Come Back

According to Warren Buffett, we should be buying stocks “within our circle of competence, that is the businesses that we do understand strongly. In that case, retail investors, like most consumers, are more likely to be familiar about the retail perspective. In this article, we take a look at something close to heart - the grocery sector.