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Expected Performance For Banks In 2Q18!

In the current rising interest rate environment, all eyes are on banks as they are expected to experience a boost in performance. However, not all banks are created equal and their performance would vary. Before they post their 2Q18 results, here is a roundup of their expected performance!
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3 Stocks To Watch This Coming Results Season

Companies are readying to report their quarterly performance for 2Q18. To round up the first quarter, this article highlights 3 stocks that did well in the last quarter and hence will be under investors’ radar this earnings season.

Bumps Ahead For These 3 Stocks

Investors who are looking for stocks to invest in should be looking out for companies with a strong performance over a period. These stocks should also be priced at an attractive valuation which compels for investors to buy. Since not all companies perform equally well, we would like to highlight three companies that investors should avoid for now, lest till their performance improves.

The Enbloc Fever Might Fizzle Out Soon

Enbloc has become a hot topic for the common folks as many people are speculating which properties will be bought over next. However, RHB is expecting that the current cycle is getting close to its peak and will slow down by the second half of the year.
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Why You Should Relook At Frasers Group Of Companies

DBS Research is fixing its eyes on Frasers Group given the many catalysts that are anticipated to drive up valuations. We take a look at the various listed companies under the group to see what’s making analysts excited about the prospects of the group based on the briefing held by Frasers Property(FP) on Frasers’ Day.
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3 REITs In Different Sectors To Grow Your Passive Income

Investors who are looking to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts to increase their passive income, especially so when one is looking forward to retirement and wants to ensure a steady inflow of income to sustain themselves. Investors should take a look at these three REITs in different sectors with improving prospects.

Alpha Stock Picks For April

Time flies, and we are already in April! And as we enter into a new month, it is also time to update ourselves with the Alpha Picks of the month selected by UOB Kay Hian. March was not a great month for the STI as it slipped 2.6 percent month on month due to rising concerns of a trade war and also due to the rising interest rates environment. However, there’s some good news for investors as most of the Alpha Picks selected did better than the STI in March.

Bukit Sembawang Estates – Dormant Player Awakes

Bukit Sembawang Estates (Bukit Sembawang) is one of the pioneer property development companies that has built numerous homes in Singapore including houses in Seletar Hills and Sembawang Hills. The group is referred to as an “old hand” in the property development sector and has not been in the spotlight for the past ten years.
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Bank Stocks Have Room To Run Higher

As the United States’ Federal Reserves (Fed) raised the interest rates once again and is expected to do so at least two more times this year, the rising interest rate environment is expected to be beneficial for our local banking sector.