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Three Trends In The Property Sector To Know For 2018

As the property market makes its recovery, many investors will want to make use of this opportunity to increase their investment in the property and REIT sector. This is in-line with UOB Research’s 2018 strategy as they recommend investors to maintain overweight in this industry, especially so for “stocks with exposure to the residential, hotel and office segments” as these are expected to be the star performers.
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Three Stocks With Growth Potential To Add To Your Portfolio

Investors who are looking for new stocks to invest in can consider the following three stocks which have been identified with growth potential. There are many different strategies that companies adopt to achieve their growth goals and below are three different firms which have seen positive results from their various growth efforts.
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3 Stocks With Exciting Quarters Ahead To Watch

Looking out for firm-specific news is important for retail investors who are not well-diversified and have invested a significant amount of money in any one particular company. Below are three companies highli...
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6 Small/Mid-Cap Property Developers To Watch

Since early 2017, large-cap property developers saw their stock valuations ballooned by about 31% year-to-date while micro-cap players (less than $400 million market cap) skyrocketed by 68%. After a 15-quarter...
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6 Alpha Picks For November

This year has been flying by, and it is time for yet another new update from UOB Kay Hian Research (UOBKH) with their new Alpha Picks for November. For October, UOBKH’s alpha picks performed well in general wi...