Rooting For This 3 “Singaporean” Stocks

Singaporean investors are likely to want to invest in renowned firms that they are more familiar with, as they find it easier to keep track of the performance of the company. With that understanding, here are 3 stocks that investors should choose to root for and stay invested for the long term.

Undervalued Gems Amidst The Recent Sell-Off

Investors who are looking for strong firms to invest in this year should pay attention to this article as we highlight three firms with positive growth prospects. As the market continues to hold up, the spillover effects are clearly seen in these companies and investors should consider adding them to their portfolio to profit from their growth.

Profit From ESR-Viva REIT Proposed Merger

Investors who are paying attention to the developments in the REITs sector would have heard about the proposed merger between ESR-REIT (ESR) and Viva Industrial Trust (VIVA). Though the merger is still under negotiation and nothing is cast in stone, we want to examine the potential results should the merger take place.

Three Stocks Receiving Rating Upgrades Recently

Investors looking for capital gains should take a look at these three stocks that have recently received a lift in their target prices by the various research houses. Clearer signs of profitability ahead have boosted analysts’ confidence, and these stocks have become more attractive.

Offshore & Marine – Bottomed-Out Or Bottom-Fishing

As we enter into the new year, our readers might be looking out for potential stocks to add to their portfolio. However, do not be lured by the low valuation of some of these stocks and enter the market hastily. In this article, we will be highlighting why investors should avoid investing in small and mid-cap offshore and marine (O&M) firms for now.

3 Growth Stocks For The Long Haul

Investors who are looking for value stocks to hold on for the long term are in for a treat as we discuss three stocks that are worth accumulating for the long run. The various research houses have highlighted the potential for growth in these stocks and investors who have a longer investment horizon should consider adding them to their portfolios.

3 Facts To Know About The Telecommunications Sector

The telecommunications is an essential sector for almost every Singaporean given the prevalence of mobile phones. Not to mention our heavy reliance on the internet which means that we have to stay connected through our data plans or connecting to wifi. In this article, we will be highlighting three important takeaways by RHB Securities that investors should know about the telecommunications sector.
3 local banks

Rising Expectations For Singapore Banks

Banks are integral to our everyday lives, we place our savings in them, finance our student loans/HDB loans with them, and for some of us, they may very well be an essential source of income.