U.S. 100 dollar banknotes and Chinese 100 yuan banknotes are seen in this picture illustration in Beijing, China, January 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee/File Photo

Dr Chan: The Battle to Defend the Renminbi Has Begun

China’s foreign exchange reserves had been close to 4 trillion US dollars, but it fell to around 3 trillion USD last year. The reason for such a substantial decline is that a great number of Chinese people have been exchanging their renminbi for foreign currencies.

Dr Chan: Renminbi Depreciation is Good News for HKEX

The Hang Seng index soared on the first opening day of 2017. It met with pressures of arbitrage on the second day, but that is a natural response to its previous consecutive and significant rise and I believe that a rebound will take place soon.

Dr Chan: Do You Believe in the Curse of the Number 7?

On 30 December, I flew back with my family to celebrate the New Year in Singapore. The first thing I did, after I alighted from the plane, was to use the airport Wifi to check the closing price of the Hang Seng index.

Dr Chan: Trump “Flirting” with Taiwan Could Mean Disaster for Hong Kong

Yesterday, Hong Kong stocks could be said to have undergone a small crash. The Hang Seng Index fell heavily, because China A-shares had fallen even more heavily. The Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Index (GEI) had fallen disastrously by 5.5 percent, the Shenzhen Component Index by 4.51 percent and the Shanghai Composite Index by 2.47 percent. All of the above closed near their lowest levels.