Can Blaming Tencent For A Mobile Game Really Hold Down Its Share Price?

Last week, a colleague of mine talked about uninstalling a game in his mobile device (which he had been playing for about a year) for the third time. For the previous two times, he had gone back to playing it because the game was simply too addictive. This time, he intends to part with the game for good by selling his high-level account. That would be a life-changing event.
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3 Private Home Rental Market Observations Amidst Sluggish Economy

The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s old house at 38 Oxley Road was in the limelight for the past few days as Singaporeans watched the FamiLEE drama unroll. But family/political disputes between our Prime Minister and his siblings might not be on the top of Singaporeans’ list of concerns. Despite the reported economic rebound, Singapore’s economy is still under the pressure of falling consumer spending, rising unemployment, rising pay gap (wages growing faster than productivity), as well as rising household debt to GDP ratio.

The 2 ‘P’s To Avoid & How To Identify Them

Pessimism lingers in the air as Singapore’s job market remains challenging. One can notice that not only fresh grads but everyone who is concerned with money, face a growing sense of insecurity.