Dr Chan: How US Tax Reforms Will Impact Global Markets

In an interview with Capital 95.8FM this morning (4th May), Dr Chan Yan Chong, key speaker of Shares Investment Conference 1H2017 talked about a number of factors that would impact the global stock markets and economy. Among which, tax reforms in the US should have the heaviest impact.

Assessing Listed Companies—the Less Loans the Better?

When you buy a company’s shares, do you wish that the company has made as little loans as possible? If your answer to the above question is “yes”, you might be a conservative investor. But in actual fact, when it comes to loans, we cannot always assume that “less is more”.

2 Major Changes & 6 Risks In The New World Order

“How to profit in the new world order” is the theme for the Shares Investment Conference (SIC) 1H2017, which will be held on 6 May (Saturday). In this article, we have summed up two major changes to the global economy, as well as six risks that investors face.

Shares Investment Founder: 5 Tips For Retail Investors

There are many ways to make money. For instance, one can work, start a business, and invest, etc. For Mr Phan Tjun Sern, the founder of Shares Investment and the Chief Executive Officer at Pioneers & Leaders (Publishers) Pte Ltd, business and investment are the ways to go.

Dr Chan: Make Money from Income Stocks to Combat Rising Fees

Dr Chan Yan Chong’s latest book, whose title translates to He Who Is Financially Free 4: Insights into Eight Big Profiting Opportunities in the Stock Market, has been published in January this year. This book is the fourth one in the series, and it sums up Dr Chan’s wisdom that allowed him to profit from the stock market.