These Policies Will Crash The Singapore Economy!

In response to a call by our respected President Halimah Yacob for bold changes to help Singapore face a different future, which all of us at the kopitiams nod our heads in agreement, some smart Alec who probably stuffed his head with too much knowledge suggested some mambo jumbo idea that only people living in ivory towers can agree with!

Is This A Sign Of Oversupply In The Property Sector?

About 88,000 Hong Kong families had applied for 620 subsidised homes, a record of 141 applicants competing for each flat, housing authorities said on Monday as the city’s overall property prices continued to soar. By the 7pm deadline, applications for …

CoffeeTalk: Property Stocks, Good Meh?

Lately, I have witnessed quite a number of people walking with a swagger near the few kopitiams at Hougang area, and I started searching for the cause of this newfound confidence.

Jerome Powell Who?

We all know who the most powerful person in the world is, right? We know that Donald Trump is powerful, right? Like it or not, he is the most powerful person in the world if you like or are neutral about him; he is not the most likeable personality and definitely not as important to some investors who may feel that the Fed Chairman or Chairwoman is more important.
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5 Signs That Tell You When And How To Invest

Believe it or not, our luck changes with time and during different seasons of the year. For some unknown reason, our sickness and health, poverty and wealth are governed by the universe that most of us find unfathomable.

Is Something Brewing At Alliance Mineral?

It all began on 17 June when the company made an announcement saying that CEO Tjandra Adi Pramoko had trimmed his stake in Alliance Mineral from 34.21%, or 164,449,762 shares, to 24.62%, or 118,374,974 shares, for a consideration of $14.74 million. It was also announced that the stake, which also belonged to Living Waters Mining (Australia) Pty Ltd and Pramoko’s wife Suen Sze Man, had also been reduced.