Is Something Brewing At Alliance Mineral?

It all began on 17 June when the company made an announcement saying that CEO Tjandra Adi Pramoko had trimmed his stake in Alliance Mineral from 34.21%, or 164,449,762 shares, to 24.62%, or 118,374,974 shares, for a consideration of $14.74 million. It was also announced that the stake, which also belonged to Living Waters Mining (Australia) Pty Ltd and Pramoko’s wife Suen Sze Man, had also been reduced.
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This Is Not A Good Sign!

It has been weeks, or maybe even longer, that covered warrants have been hogging the Top Volume column. Even the people at our Kopitiam are trading these warrants because these instruments are very active!
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Damn These Smooth Operators!

Having watched The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Big Short and, most recently, The Wizard Of Lies, one cannot help but feel that navigating the world of investors is akin to wading across a crocodile-infested river!...
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Coffee Talk: SGX Makes U-Turn; Noble Going Back To $2!!

In one of the dumbest moves ever to take place in Singapore’s financial industry, the former CEO of Singapore Exchange (SGX) introduced somewhere in 2015, the minimum trading price (MTP) for companies listed on the Mainboard.
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View Rate Hikes Positively For The Time Being

The first month of 2017 came and ended without much flurried activities in the global stock markets. There was no Capricorn Effect, no Lunar New Year jinx; neither was there any continuation of the Donald Trump-rally nor were there massive buying of stocks in anticipation of a better global economy after the US posted better-than-expected economic data.