SI Research: Buy The Dip For Cityneon Holdings?

Since hitting the high of $1.23 in October 2017, shares of Cityneon Holdings‘ (Cityneon) share price has corrected over 20 percent to the current $0.97. Prior to its huge share price run-up, Cityneon added yet another intellectual property rights (IPR) for blockbuster franchise, Jurassic World.

Memories Group – First To Debut On Singapore Exchange In 2018

Memories Group is slated to be the first company to debut on the Singapore Exchange. Listing on 5 January 2018 after completing a compliance placement of up to 50 million shares at $0.25 per share, the exercise is a reverse takeover (RTO) of SHC Capital Asia and hence there is no public offering.
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SI Research: 3 Blue Chips To Invest In 2018

Many retail investors find blue chips breathtakingly boring, especially in the local stock market. That is understandably so, considering that the Straits Times Index (STI) – constituting the 30 largest companies listed on the Singapore Exchange – underperformed other international market indices that continued to break new highs.

3 Undervalued Mid-Cap Developers To See Strong Growth In 2018

For most of 2H17, Rowsley Holdings (Rowsley) has dominated daily trading volumes owing to the news of Singaporean business magnate Peter Lim’s plan to inject Thomson Medical into the group. Other developers attracted little investors’ interest, until enbloc activities started to heat up recently.

SI Research: Jubilee Industries Holdings – Capacity Expansion On Track

Following our article “An Interview With Jubilee Industries Holdings” and “Growth Resumes For Jubilee Industries Holdings”, Jubilee Industries Holdings (Jubilee) today announced that the company has entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire 70 percent of Honfoong Plastics Industries (HPL) for a consideration of $3.5 million.
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The Stock Market Is Like A Game Of Baseball

Investing is like baseball. This is an analogy shared by many investment gurus have made. Yes, even the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet himself. We are sharing it because Singaporeans know little about baseball…

SI Research: 3 REITs That Delivered Positive Performances

Investors love S-REITs because of their attractive yields and stability. That said, there is no guarantee that a REIT’s distribution income will always be sustained, so investors should keep abreast of the REIT’s fundamentals. In this article, we shall highlight three REITs that delivered positive performances in the recent earnings season.
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SI Research: Is Tat Hong Holdings An Undervalued Gem?

Cranes have been instrumental in the world of construction and the development of human civilisations. It has been about 2500 years ago since the first known crane was invented. On the stone blocks of ancient Greek Temples, archaeologists discovered distinctive cuttings for lifting tongs and lewis irons. These cuttings, dated as far back as 515 BC, became the first blueprints for the modern cranes.