SI Research: APAC Realty – Overlooked Stock For Property Boom

The enbloc fever has yet to fizzle out leading into the second half of 2018. In the first week of June alone, another slew of properties have been reported to be up for collective sale. The properties– Spanish Village, Katong Plaza, Gilstead Court and Elizabeth Towers – are collectively asking for a total of $1.8 billion.
Accrelist Cvr

SI Research: Accrelist – Championing New Growth

In 1992, Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama and Ken French published their findings about small cap stocks tending to outperform the market over time. A subset of the category, Small Cap momentum, outperformed literally every other market segment and became the Holy Grail for growth aspirants.

Shares Investment Conference 1H2018: Valuable Insights From The Experts

On 5 May 2018, Shares Investment Conference 1H2018, we invited market veterans and equities experts to shed some light on how some of these major events would unfold. Retail investors also had the chance to raise their concerns about issues ranging from US-China trade wars and unrest in Syria to US Tax reform.

SI Research: 3 Small Cap Property Plays With Strong Value Proposition

The calls to go “long” on the property sector have been going on for a while now. While investors tend to go for blue chip property counters the like of City Developments and UOL Group, these “obvious” choices have all seen a run-up in their share price ever since the sector bounced back from its doldrums, leaving behind laggards and more obscure counters that are waiting for value to be realised.

SI Research: Venture Corporation – Undergoing An Overdue Correction

Almost a year ago, Shares Investment featured Venture Corporation (Venture), highlighting the potential for stock to climb higher. We were proven right: Venture’s shares rose 120.4 percent from $13.39 since then to a 52-week intraday high of $29.65 on 13 April 2018. It was one of our best calls ever made last year and we hope our readers have profited.

SI Research: China Aviation Oil – A Proxy To China’s Sky

Over the last month, US-China trade war fears have been hogging the headlines as global stock markets were sent into turmoil. Trade tensions and uncertainties were finally allayed last week, when China’s President Xi Jinping pledged that “China’s doors will not close, but will only open wider.”
Sasseur REIT Cvr

SI Research: Should You Buy Into Sasseur REIT?

Known to be a regional Real Estate Investment Trust listing hub, the Singapore bourse recently welcomed Sasseur REIT as it made its first appearance on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange on 26 March 2018.
3 Divident Stocks Cover

SI Research: 3 Dividend Stocks To Insulate From Global Trade War

Geopolitical uncertainty is back again. In the US, despite wrapping up what was a really strong earnings season, stocks succumbed to pressure when President Donald Trump announced tariffs on imported aluminium and steel. In a knee-jerk reaction, the EU – one of US most important allies and trading partners – has threatened for a levy on digital revenues, in its effort to raise more taxes from American tech giants. Globally, investors are cowering in fear that the opening salvos are just a prelude to what could potentially reverberate into a full-scale trade war.