Terence Tea

SI Research: Growth Resumes For Jubilee Industries Holdings

In our recent article titled “An Interview With Jubilee Industries Holdings”, we interviewed with the group’s chairman Mr. Terence Tea to understand the Jubilee Industries Holdings’ (Jubilee) restructuring efforts to turnaround the business. In its latest 1H18 earnings announcement, positive results continued to show.

The “Martial Arts” Of Stock Investing

Shares Investment had just concluded our final major event for the year of 2017. At Shares Investment Conference 2H2017 (SIC2H2017), we gathered renowned experts in the local stock market to share their valuable insights.

SI Research: An Interview With Jubilee Industries Holdings

Animal spirits amongst local investors were recently lifted when the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that advanced estimates for Singapore’s 3Q GDP showed a 4.6 percent growth this year. The higher-than-anticipated growth rate was driven by the robust expansion of manufacturing industries in the electronics, biomedical engineering and precision engineering clusters.

SI Research: Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings – Surging Upon Coverage

Just about two weeks back, Shares Investment published an article titled “4 Things We Learned Meeting With Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings”. Since then, stocks of company have been on a tear. As of 2 November 2017, Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings’ (Kim Heng) shares rose to $0.103, registering almost a 30 percent gain over the fortnight.

SI Research: 4 Things We Learned Meeting With Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings

Singapore’s oil and gas industry has been seeing money flowing back as investors banked on a global recovery. Reflecting this phenomenon, the FTSE ST oil and gas index has posted an impressive 10.5 percent gain to 369 points. Despite the gains, the sector index is still half of what it used to be – at above 700 points during its peak.

SI Research: Oil & Gas Industry Outlook

It has almost been three years and the oil market still seems awash with crude. Despite the Organisation of The Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) best efforts, the 14-member body that controls more than 81.5 percent of world’s oil reserves and produces almost 50 percent of world production, has failed to help lift oil prices meaningfully.

SI Research: 3 Things To Like About HRnetGroup

In this time and age, the internet has become a main tool for finding information. If you needed a hotel to stay, you would probably have used sites like “Booking.com” or “Hotels.com”; a long list of brands tha...