Capital City

Ernest Lim: Will Capital World fall further?

Capital World (formerly known as Terratech Group Limited) has slumped a whopping 46 percent from its intraday high of $0.240 on 29 March 2017 to close $0.130 on 1 June 2017. What has happened to cause such a massive fall? Will it fall further?

Ernest Lim: Hatten Land Is Extremely Oversold

Hatten Land (Hatten) has dropped 39 percent from an intraday high of $0.300 on 28 February 2017 to close $0.183 on 23 May 2017. What has caused the sharp decline? Where is the bottom?

Ernest Lim: Re-evaluating The Market

Below is my personal opinion on the market. As previously mentioned to my clients, I aim to reduce my percentage invested in stocks (currently around 130% invested), especially the non-performing stocks, with no immediate near term catalysts.
Banyan tree

Ernest Lim: Banyan Tree Holdings’ Collaborations May Spark Re-rating

Banyan Tree Holdings (Banyan Tree) recently clinched two noteworthy strategic partnerships with AccorHotels and Vanke on 8 December 2016 and 23 January 2017 respectively. Since 23 January 2017, Banyan Tree has largely traded between $0.465 to $0.530. It closed at $0.510 on 17 April 2017.

Hatten Land – “Capitaland” of Malacca

For those who have gone to Malacca, they may have seen the property developments by Hatten Land. Some may have gone as far to say that Hatten Land in Malacca may be considered as our “Capitaland” (to some extent) in Singapore. For those who are not familiar with Hatten Land, below is a short write-up.