Time To Switch To Underperforming Markets?

S&P500, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 hit records last Friday with S&P500 closing at 2,875. However, our STI has dropped 11.8 percent after hitting a decade high of 3,642 on 2 May 2018. Hang Seng has also tumbled 17.4 percent after hitting a high of 33,484 on 29 January 2018.

Moya Holdings Asia’s Major Shareholders Raise Stakes

On 6 July and 9 July, there were separate announcements on SGX that Tamaris Infrastructure (Salim-controlled vehicle and major shareholder) and Gateway have raised their stake in Moya Holdings Asia (Moya). What is so interesting about this?

Straits Times Index – Looming Correction Or Buying Opportunity?

With reference to my market outlook HERE posted on 11 May 2018, I mentioned at that time that I have started to sell into strength, as I am cautious on the overall market. I updated on 30 May 2018 (click HERE) that STI is likely to trade sideways with downward bias. Separately, my clients would have been notified on 12 June 2018 morning that I have already reduced my percentage invested to approximately 40% as I believe market is likely to trend downwards in the next couple of weeks.

STI Slumps, What Next?

With reference to my market outlook HERE posted on 11 May 2018, I mentioned at that I had sold into strength, as I was cautious about the overall market. Clients would have been aware / notified that I had already reduced my percentage invested to less than 60 percent.

STI Notched A 10-Year High – Time To Buy SG stocks?

Dow has logged a seventh consecutive rise and small caps as measured by S&P600 index have just closed at a record high as of 11 May 2018. Our Singapore market has also done us proud by becoming Asia’s best-performing equity market on 2 May 2018, after rising to a 10-year high since the financial crisis of 2008. In view of the above, is it a screaming buy for our Singapore market, especially for small caps which have underperformed?

Is Sunningdale Tech A “Goner”?

Sunningdale Tech (Sunningdale) has plunged 46 percent in less than half a year, from an intraday high of $2.40 on 6 November 2017 to close $1.30 on 30 April 2018. What happened? Is Sunningdale a “goner”?

Potential Trading Idea For DBS

Based on a simple tracking of DBS' share price performance from CD to XD, on average, DBS seems to have moved approximately 4 to 9 percent above its CD price, nearer to XD (translating to around $27.86-29.13). See Table 1 below. DBS is going to XD $1.10 on 3 May.