Best World International – Down Almost 50% In 2 Months! Buying Opportunity or Falling Knife?

With reference to my 19 September 2018 write-up (click HERE), Best World International (Best World) has appreciated approximately 147 percent from $1.35 on 19 September 2018 to touch an intra-day high of $3.33 on 13 February 2019. At that time, Best World has dropped out of my watchlist after its incredible rally. However, with its recent 47 percent tumble from its all-time intra-day high $3.33 on 13 February 2019 to trade $1.76 on 12 April 2019, it seems interesting again. Is this a buying opportunity or falling knife?

ISOTeam At 4-Year Low Despite Record Order book

ISOTeam (ISO) caught my attention. Despite sitting on a record order book, ISO has tumbled approximately 44 percent from an intra-day high of $0.385 on 10 April 2018 to close near a four year low at around $0.215 on 10 January 2019. The share price decline was attributable in part to its 4Q18 surprise loss announced in August 2018 (financial year ends in June-2018). Nevertheless, my gut feel is that 4Q18 should mark the trough in earnings and results should improve on a quarter on quarter basis in the next few quarters.
bear contemplating

Is a bear market coming?

US equity markets have logged their worst weekly performance in the past six months. For our local market, STI has dropped 16.7 percent from an intra-day high of 3,642 on 2 May 2018 to an intra-day low of 3,035 on 11 October 2018. It closed at 3,069 on 12 October 2018.

Time To Switch To Underperforming Markets?

S&P500, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 hit records last Friday with S&P500 closing at 2,875. However, our STI has dropped 11.8 percent after hitting a decade high of 3,642 on 2 May 2018. Hang Seng has also tumbled 17.4 percent after hitting a high of 33,484 on 29 January 2018.

Moya Holdings Asia’s Major Shareholders Raise Stakes

On 6 July and 9 July, there were separate announcements on SGX that Tamaris Infrastructure (Salim-controlled vehicle and major shareholder) and Gateway have raised their stake in Moya Holdings Asia (Moya). What is so interesting about this?