Potential Trading Idea For DBS

Based on a simple tracking of DBS' share price performance from CD to XD, on average, DBS seems to have moved approximately 4 to 9 percent above its CD price, nearer to XD (translating to around $27.86-29.13). See Table 1 below. DBS is going to XD $1.10 on 3 May.
bear roar

S&P500 Below 200D EMA – First Since November 2016!

Previously, I mentioned in my write-up (21 March) that I am avoiding the event risk of the US tariff package against China (click HERE). This proves timely as S&P500 fell 129 points, or 4.7 percent from 2,717 on 20 March 2018 to close 2,588 on 23 March 2018.

Why Did Koda Slump 43 Percent From High Of $1.095?

Koda has dropped 43 percent from the high of $1.095 on 31 October 2017, to close $0.625 on 16 March 2018. Has Koda’s fundamentals deteriorate since October 2017 to warrant such a massive price decline?

GSS Energy – Price Drops To Near Pre-announcement After Striking Oil!

GSS Energy (GSS) announced that it has struck oil and (surprise) gas in its first well on 13 December 2017. Share price jumped to an intraday high of $0.178 on 14 December 2017, after the trading halt was lifted but it has since weakened to an intra-day low of S$0.156 on 21 December 2017 before closing at $0.161.