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SI Research: SATS – A Decent Entry Point For The Long Run?

Starting from July 2018, passengers departing from Changi Airport will have to pay higher fees and charges to partly fund the Changi East development, which includes the construction of Terminal 5. How would the new taxes affect SATS and could the decline in share price present an opportunity for investors?

SI Research: Delfi – Delighting Asia’s Chocolate Lovers

Last month, Shares Investment featured JB Foods as a company operating in an industry that will never become obsolete. Since then, the producer of cocoa ingredient products saw its shares, which were trading at around $0.61, climb as much as 14.8 percent in less than three weeks to a high of $0.70 on 23 February 2018.
Asia Enterprises

SI Research: Asia Enterprises Holdings – Value Stock Or Value Trap?

Value investing has been gaining in popularity due to the success of famous investors, resulting in the rise of books, seminars, courses and articles relating to this investing strategy. While value stocks refer to stocks that are trading at a lower price than it is actually worth, value traps are stocks that are cheap due to one or more other reasons that cause the share price to be “undervalued”.

SI Research: JB Foods – In An Industry That Will Never Become Obsolete

Technological advancement has transformed the shape of businesses over the past decade. While this has led to new success stories, it has also led to the downfall of many businesses. Going back 30 years in time, how many were able to predict the changes that the internet has brought about?

SI Research: The Better Of Two Healthcare Giants

Annual healthcare expenditure more than doubled from around $4 billion in 2011 to $10 billion in 2016. Last year, Singapore’s budget for healthcare increased by 9.6 percent to $10.7 billion and this figure is projected to grow to $13 billion in 2020.

Noble Group Completes Sale Of Noble Americas Corporation

Noble Group has announced the completion of the sale of Noble Americas Corp and the conclusion of its monetisation of the Global Oil Liquids and North American Gas and Power businesses and retirement of its senior secured borrowing base revolving credit facilities.