Kim Iskyan: Are IPOs A Good Investment?

There have been 772 initial public offerings (IPOs) so far in 2017 – that’s the most since 2007. These IPOs have raised a total of US$83.4 billion, which is up 90 percent from the same period in 2016. Over 450 of those offerings happened in Asia-Pacific, raising US$37 billion.

Kim Iskyan: What China’s Middle Class Is Going To Spend On

Back in 2000, just four percent of China’s urban population was considered middle class. By 2022, that figure will be a whopping 76 percent. That’s over 550 million middle-class people in China. And China’s growing middle-class plans on spending more money – a lot more.

Kim Iskyan: How To Become A Better Investor

What if you only needed to make a few small changes to become a better investor? Well, you can… it’s called kaizen. And it’s incredibly powerful. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “continual improvement”. It refers to the process of making positive change and improvement through small, steady steps.