SI Research: If There Could Be Only Just One Stock That You Can Buy

I remembered once attended a seminar whereby the speaker put out a thought-provoking question to the audience - if there could be only just one stock that you can buy, what would it be? The answer was subsequently revealed to be Singapore Exchange (SGX), as the speaker went on to explain that SGX earns clearing fees from investors when they buy and sell shares. In other words, SGX could profit from both purchases and sales trades no matter which directions the market was going. Furthermore being the sole exchange in Singapore, SGX gets to enjoy a monopolistic advantage on all transactions executed.

SI Research: Investment Opportunities With 3 Asset-Light Companies

While most value investors take interest in companies which possess quality assets that are undervalued by the market, there are investors who have a preference in asset-light businesses. An asset-light business model does not require large capital investment that involve physical assets. This allows the company to focus its limited resources on achieving the best returns by running its operations efficiently, which is also much easier to scale. Moreover, as not much capital expenditure is required, most of the profits can be reinvested into expanding the business or distribute as dividends to reward shareholders.
Temasek Holdings

SI Research: 5 Lessons From Temasek Holdings

Temasek Holdings (Temasek), one of the two managers of Singapore’s state funds other than GIC, is often looked upon as the beacon of light by the investing community as many of its strategic moves are often proven to be well thought out and appropriate. After the sovereign fund manager reviewed its performances for the financial year ending 31 March 2019 recently, we picked up 5 critical lessons from the way Temasek managed its portfolio that may be able to help in boosting our very own investment returns.

STI Fails To Follow US’s Lead In Charting New Highs

Last week, US’s Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crossed 27,000 for the first time reaching a record high of 27,359.16 on 15 July 2019. Unfortunately, the rally did not follow through and the US index slippe...

SI Research: Investing In REITs – A Word Of Caution

Amidst heightened market uncertainties, huge funds are pouring into Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) led by heavy institutional purchases, as they are often deemed to be the more defensive counters. This caused FTSE ST REIT Index to surge by more than 18.2 percent since the beginning of the year and led many to wonder if they could have missed the boat. However for investors who are considering taking the leap of faith now because of their fear of missing out, we do have a few pieces of advice here for them to pay close attention to.