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3 H-Shares To Ride On China’s Unification Of Natural Gas Pricing Systems

In late May 2018, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced that the natural gas pricing system for residential and non-residential city-gate will be unifying to reflect the rising demand and costs. As a result, the residential city-gate prices will increase by 25 percent from 10 June and fixed for the next 12 months. Subsequently, the balance of the price differential may be reflected with an increase of up to 20 percent a year later.

3 Stocks To Watch For Growth In This Quarter

In this article, we will feature three stocks in different sectors that investors should look out for in the upcoming results season. The stocks are in from different sectors, giving investors opportunities to ride on varying sectoral growth.

3 Dividend Stocks You Must Buy In March

The volatile start of 2018 has reminded investors to keep long-term investment decisions on fundamentals. In addition, well-positioned companies deliver foreseeable dividends that are a form of safe haven for investors. Considering the rising interest rate environment, investors should pick dividend stocks based on both yield and fundamentals.
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Recommedations For Chinese Insurance Companies

Investors have been concern about Chinese insurers’ weak “jump-start” sales to the growth compared to the value of new business growth. However, analysts from DBS Research felt that the structural drivers in the industry remain intact as contributions from renewal policies continue to rise and that negatives have been priced in and may even be overdone.
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3 Healthcare Stocks That Are Currently Undervalued

In 2017, healthcare sector in Singapore underperformed the Straits Times Index (STI) with the former gaining 14.8 percent while the latter gained 18.1 percent. Several headwinds faced by the sector were the main attributes for the underperformance but is looking to stabilise in 2018.

3 Stocks That Will Benefit From China’s Clean Up

2018 may be an important year for natural gas and renewable energy in China as the street expects some long-awaited policies to be introduced. When these policies are introduced, clean energy in China will be expected to gain market traction.

7 Sectors and 10 Stocks To Buy Now (Part 1)

With the global markets performing strongly along with the Straits Times Index, investors will need to look harder to find the right investment opportunities. Here are eight sectors and ten relevant stocks that investors should buy now.

5 Malaysian Stocks You Need To Own

With the pending update to the constitutions of KLCI and the Malaysia side of KL-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) to adopt the project delivery partner (PDP) model, there are five Malaysian stocks that you need to own to benefit from these changes.
Singapore Banks

2018 Outlook For Singapore Banks

With 2017 coming to an end, it is time that we start reflecting on what went on in the market and look towards the next year. For Singapore banks, 2017 proved to be a fantastic year as the three banks rose over 30 percent. This is despite the turbulence caused by defaults arising from the oil and gas sector. On this note, there are two key points that investors need to know about Singapore’s banking sector in 2018.