What To Do When Prices Go Up, Up, Up

If you’ve lived in Singapore for any amount of time, it wouldn’t take long for you to realize Singapore isn’t exactly the cheapest place to live in.

SIC2H19: Uncertainties Return (Promotional Period Now On!)

The Chinese delegation just canceled on the US farm trip after wrapping up trade talks with US officials. Even after both the US and China stoked up hopes before the meeting, it seems the two sides still cannot resolve their ongoing trade disputes. In the face of this uncertainty, who can illuminate the roadmap and navigate your investments to safe harbour? With the upcoming US Presidential Election 2020 next year, how would Donald Trump play his game to up his chances of being re-elected? What stocks could outperform the market? Well catch your chance to meet with the renowned stock guru Dr. Chan Yan Chong at the upcoming Shares Investment Conference! Enjoying the reputation as the “Seer of Retail Investors”, Dr. Chan has a complete grasp of the political situation in Hong Kong/China and their impacts on the stock market. Having been able to predict the multiple peaks and troughs, Dr. Chan had also earlier urged investors to buy into public utility stocks before the social tension in HK escalated.
Development and growth concept. Businessman plan growth and increase of positive indicators in his business.

This Stock Has Surprised On The Upside

Many people talk about value investing but fail to realize what real value is. Real value can come from either a stock market crash or when investors fail to spot a company’s growth potential.

When Investing For Dividends Could Be A Trap

The old adage of “one man’s meat could be another man’s poison” cannot be more apt especially when it comes to investing. In politics, we have seen how the West have consistently tried to impose the western style of democracy on African and Asian countries but there is a proliferation of a new trend that calls for the West to not interfere in the affairs of countries that do not adopt the western style of politics.

George Yeo’s Views On The Trade War

After leaving politics, Mr. George Yeo has been working for Hong Kong’s Kerry Logistics (HK: 0636) till his recent retirement. With his wide network of friends and having lived in Hong Kong for a period of time...

This Manufacturing Stock Will Beat Trump’s Antics

If you are sick and tired of Donald Trump’s antics, look no further than this stock to bypass the Sino-US trade war! SGX Mainboard-listed Valuetronics Holdings Limited is a premier design and manufacturing p...

Wealth Hacking Conference

The Wealth Hacking Conference is a full-day event where you’ll learn the secrets of mastering your own wealth, one hack at a time.