SI EduCentre: Buck Tan – Learn To Identify Champions For The Long Run

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Inexperienced retail investors often approach the market without any strategies in mind. Investing in the stock market with such mentality is no different from gambling in the casino. Adding to the point, Sir Winston Churchill said that “Those who fail to learn from their past mistakes are doomed to repeat it.” After all, how do they know what mistakes were made if they failed to plan in the first place?

Accrelist Enters Fintech Business

Accrelist has entered into an agreement to acquire an aggregate of 10 percent stake in a blockchain service provider for a total consideration of $1 million.

Resurgence Of Euro Debt Crisis

Since late last year, I have emphasised over numerous investment conferences, seminars and media that the Euro debt crisis is likely to return some time during end 2018. Recently, the market has been speculating that Greece would implode under another debacle to repay its debt in June 2018

SI Research: Memories Group – Looking Forward To Creating New Memories

Myanmar-based tourism focused company Memories Group posted its first full year results since completing the reverse takeover of SHC Capital Asia last year. The group comprises entities with interest in the hot-air balloon and luxury yachting businesses (Experiences segment), destination management services (Services segment) and the hotel operations (Hotel segment).

The Rise in Brent Crude Demand

On 8 May 2018, President Trump announced the withdrawal of United States from Iran deal and will restore wide-spread sanction against Iran. As major oil importers from Iran’s production, European countries like Germany and France, together with China do not appear to support the sanction. Soon after that, the U.S. – China trade talk held in Beijing also fell out with no outcome after the team led by Steve Mnuchin proposed a mandatory cut of US$200 billion trade surplus to be implemented by Chinese Government before 2020.

The Tell-tale Signs Of U.S. 10-Year Bond Yield

On the 24 April, US 10-year bond yield reached 3 percent for the first time since 2014. Market investors became worried and Dow Jones benchmark fell more than 400 points on that session. The following morning, all Asian stock indexes declined while the Dollar Index rose more than 1 point to almost 91.00 region.

SI EduCentre: Barisan Nasional Collapse Brings About Negative Impact

The thrashing that the Barisan Nasional (BN) received at the hands of Pakatan Harapan (PH) was totally unexpected and shocking! The traditional two pillars that propped up the Malaysian political scene was dismantled overnight, torn down by a big “Malay Tsunami”, threats to the livelihood of the people and, most importantly, a serious desire to dethrone a corrupt government as perceived by the Malaysia Rakyat (people)!