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PUTERI COVE RESIDENCES – An Iconic Marina Playground Right At Your Doorstep

A brilliant harmony of urban and nature in Puteri Cove Residences (“PCR”) is created through internationally acclaimed ID and landscape designers, DWP and SHMA respectively, two renowned award-winning firms with definitive successes across the world, including the Banyan Tree Macau and The 4 Gardens at Queen Sirikit Park, Bangkok Thailand.

Gabriel Gan: Trump’s Sun Tzu Art Of Warfare

While speaking on SPH Radio’s 96.3 FM, I once again reiterated the importance of the key supports for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Straits Times Index (STI). For the DJIA, 23,500 continues to hold up despite the US bellwether dipping to as low as 23,344 points on 2 April. Fortunately at the closing, the DJIA closed at 23,644 points – a whisker higher than the 23,500 support.
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Crypto Offerings – A New Era For Fundraising

Over the last twelve months, global markets have been overwhelmed by a streak Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Many new business start-ups have found this channel as the fastest and most convenient way to raise fund – from a couple of millions or more – for their business expansion. Despite that, many of these project vendors are bogus or unregulated by a proper and legal structure to protect the investors’ monies.

SIC 1H2018: Buck Tan – Risks Come From Not Knowing What You Are Doing

In the past few two to three weeks, global equities have been tumbling, led by continued weakness in the US tech sector. Bad news relating to tech stocks came one after another: EU proposed regulation on US tech giants, Facebook’s Data Scandal, Trump’s jabbing Amazon on skirting sales taxes, and only recently Apple also stated that it will be terminating the use of Intel’s Chips.
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Gabriel Gan: China Takes A Step Back

Trading this week has been volatile owing to the threat of a possible global war. The focus of the trade war will invariably be on Sino-US economic relations, as President Trump had slapped tariffs worth some US$50 billion on Chinese imports while the Chinese, who are trying to avoid a tit-for-tat, imposed a “symbolic” US$3 billion on US goods entering China.

Qilin World Capital Set To Strengthen Presence In Singapore

Local corporations and investors may not be familiar with Qilin World Capital (Qilin), but it should not be for long. Qilin is a key sponsor at our recently concluded Shares Investment Convention, held at the SGX Auditorium on 10 March 2018. In a meeting with Managing Partner Mr Raymond Lau, Qilin will be working closely with Shares Investment to strengthen presence in Singapore.

The Plot Behind Trade War

In today’s world, we are not just being threatened by a typical military warfare but also face two other high degree menaces in cyberwar and trade war. The latter two may not kill physical human beings but can destroy the enemy’s economy many times worse than the conventional ways.
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TEE Land – Improved Outlook With $212 Million Of Pre-Sales

In its latest 2Q18 results, NRA Capital noted that local-listed property developer TEE Land saw significant improvements to fundamentals, after substantially selling down its legacy projects. According to NRA Capital Head of Research Liu Jinshu, older completed properties have weighed on TEE Land’s profitability, for instance, unsold units at The Peak@Cairnhill 1 caused the group to record impairment losses of $1.8 million in 2Q 18. However, these properties have since been substantially sold, and TEE Land could potentially recover close to $30m of cash through 2018.