5 Chinese Stocks To Hold Even As Trade War Looms

The first round of salvo is fired as the US officially kicked off the trade tariffs on some US$34 billion worth of Chinese goods. In response, China also retaliated with tariffs by the same magnitude, prompting President Trump to threaten to further impose tariffs on an additional US$200 billion worth of Chinese imports.

5 Small-Mid Cap Stocks That Deserve More Attention

1H18 has been a turbulent period for Singapore’s stock market. Drivers from technology, oil & gas and property-related stocks have corrected significantly the last quarter of 2Q18. These sectors suffered from de-rating of valuations due to slower-than-expected growth and potential trade war implications. RHB opines that it is time for investors to turn its focus to small-mid cap picks. According to RHB, there are five top Singapore-listed small-mid cap picks that deserve more attention from investors.

4 REITs You Should Own Even As Fed Raises Interest Rate

The global stock market is growing concerned about the pace of rising interest rates on the stock market. In particular, the REIT share prices have been battered. Should you still be investing in REITs at this point in time? According to DBS, the answer is a resounding yes. DBS thinks that there are four REITs you should own even as the Fed raises interest rate.

3 REITs With Double-Digit Upside Potential

Following our first article “4 Reasons To Invest In S-REITs Now”, we dive deeper into three REITs that DBS thinks could potentially reward investors with double digit returns.

2 Top Consumer Stocks To Own In This GSS, World Cup Season

Singapore’s retail sales index has been showing positive signs, particularly robust growth in consumer durables. According to RHB, higher expenditures in consumer durables suggest consumers are more confident in their outlook and are becoming more willing to spend.
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4 Reasons To Invest In S-REITs Now

REITs have traditionally been a mainstay in Singaporeans’ investment portfolio. However, with interest rates now rising, interest in REITs seem to have waned. However, DBS thinks that there are four good reasons why you should be investing in REITs at this point in time.

Investing Strategies To Beat The Volatile Market

Since reaching a year-to-date high of 3,615 in early May, local benchmark Straits Times Index has shed almost ten percent amidst the amplifying volatility and trade war concerns. According to UOBKH, the retracement is largely due to a shift in interest rate hike expectations and the US-China trade spat. Such volatile time will require specific investing strategies in order for investors to beat the market.

3 Sectors Where Your Investments Should Focus On In 2H18

The market continues to be hungry for the slightest positive catalysts to reaffirm their belief that the outlook is still positive. Among the Singapore sectors, we highlight four sectors that CIMB thinks your investments should focus on in 2H18.

Beat The Market With These Alpha Picks In July 2018 (Part 3)

As we head into 2H18, investors are now carrying out portfolio rebalancing to shed off some of the dead wood stocks. Following which, investors will be looking for stocks to replace those deadwood stocks to beat the market. Here are five of the small caps that CIMB have identified to have potential double-digit returns in 2H18.