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REIT 4Q18 Report Card: 3 REITs Finishing Strong

In part two of this 6-part series, we zoom in on the outperformers of this quarter. The focus will be on the REITs that managed to put in a strong quarterly performance. Here are three REITs that had such a strong 4Q18 that investors will now wish that you own a piece of them.

The Avengers: SG Stocks Edition (Part 1)

Highly anticipated “The Avengers: Endgame” movie is opening in the box office this week! For those who are not familiar with The Avengers, they are a team of Superheroes that aims to protect the Earth (Google them!).

REIT 4Q18 Report Card: 4 REITs/ Investment Trusts That Let Down

With the earnings season over, we will summarize the ups and downs of every S-REIT and rate their financial performance in this six-part series. To begin the series, here are four of the most disappointing REITs that let investors down in the latest quarter.

Small Cap Gem Series: 4 Exciting Small Caps That Are Set For A Year Of Growth

Investing in small caps seems like a risky affair. However, do your homework and it can be highly rewarding. In this two part series, we focus on highlighting some of the small cap gems that have remained elusive to the market. These small cap gems have the potential to help your investment portfolio returns turn up a notch.
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4 MY Stocks Poised To Outperform

The market could hardly hide the disappointment as KLCI finished a disappointing 4Q18 earnings season with uninspiring earnings outlook. The market is now starting to reel in to the fact that slow growth is the new norm. That being said, there are still stocks that are worth a BUY recommendation from the street. Here are four MY stocks that have been given a BUY recommendation by the street.
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3 MY Banking Stocks To Build A Defensive Portfolio

The latest earnings quarter turned out to be a worse than expected for Malaysian stocks. Among the MY stocks that were under DBS’ coverage, 30 percent missed consensus expectations. This was largely driven by underperformance of plantation, utilities, oil & gas and airline companies. Large cap companies have also been guiding for more cautious growth in 2019, leading to a downward earnings revision across KLCI.