5 S-REITs That Investors Should Own For Yield And Growth

S-REITs have been putting in a strong performance since the start of 2019. This continues to grow as a benign interest rate environment and a deteriorating macro backdrop shifts investors into S-REITs. According to MBKE, investors eyeing returns from both yields and growth should continue to find value in S-REITs. Among the S-REITs, here are five S-REITs that MBKE recommends for investors who are looking for yield and growth.

It’s Time To Switch Back To Liquid Large Caps (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part series, we covered four value REIT and property plays that CIMB recommends in the current investment climate. In part two of this series, we focus on four other large cap plays that are able to sustain and absorb shocks in the market.

It’s Time To Switch Back To Liquid Large Caps (Part 1)

Following a dismal 1Q19 where there were more misses than beats against consensus estimates, CIMB thinks that the tide has now shifted towards earnings predictability, value and yield in 2Q19 results. The case for investors to look into these factors is further reinforced by a dovish interest rate outlook.

Dissecting The Healthcare Problem In SG/MY And How To Invest In It

One of the key drivers of the healthcare sector is the aging population theme in both Singapore and Malaysia. The proportion of citizens aged above 65 has been growing in both countries. For Singapore, almost a quarter of its citizens will be aged 65 and above by 2030. Meanwhile, the neighbouring Malaysia would also see the proportion of citizens, aged 65 and above, grow to 10.7 percent by the same time.

4 Interesting Small Caps That Investors Should Keep Watch

As a yearly affair, RHB publishes its research on interesting small cap gems. In summary, the dismal performance in 2018 has led to correction in many small-mid caps, which in turn created opportunities as valuations are now attractive. According to RHB, here are four interesting small caps that investors should be keeping tabs on.

US-China Trade War: Boon Or Bane For FAG?

Although US President claims the huge trade deficit to be the basis of the trade war against China, most believe that the underlying issue is the threat of Chinese technology displacing the US. Although trade talks have restarted, sticky points remain to be ironed out, including the issue with Huawei. Have US tech stocks lost their shine?

3 Solution Plays With Good Risk-To-Reward

We dive into companies that offer interesting solutions for businesses. According to RHB, these three solution plays offer investors good risk-to-reward, given its strong cash flow and attractive yield.

3 Niche Plays That Investors Should Consider

A key factor to consider when investing is whether a company has its own area of niche. Having its own area of niche is indicative of a company’s success, which further translates to better share price performance. We zoom into three companies, operating in their areas of niche expertise.

5 Small Mid-Cap Stocks To Add to Your Portfolio

The implementation of additional tariffs on Chinese imports sent markets reeling. Although trade talks are ongoing and there may still be possibilities for a deal, economists and analysts are anticipating that ramifications are beginning to bite. Amidst the uncertainties and a global economic slowdown, the STI shines as one of the most attractive markets in ASEAN to invest in, given its low price-to-earnings and high dividend yield.