Beat The Market With These Alpha Picks In July 2018 (Part 1)

Investors are reeling from the Singapore market as the STI fell by as much as ten percent in this month alone. However, according to CIMB, the recent downturn has seen some value emergence amongst SG stocks and investors can capitalise on them to make alpha returns.

3 Chinese Fintech Plays You Can Invest In

In spite of recent regulatory headwinds against Fintech, DBS believes that the long-term outlook on the new emerging sector still remains positive. Consumption upgrade, underserved borrowing needs by traditional banks, and a growing tech-savvy population are three macro trends that are underpinning growth in the sector. With an average trading valuation of 5-6 times price-to-earnings, valuation for fintech plays is undemanding. To tap onto the growth potential of Fintech in China, here are three Fintech plays you can invest in, according to DBS.

M&A Fever In China’s Education Sector

High growth potential and a handful of recent IPOs in China’s education sector has created an acquisition boom in the sector. Over the last three years, Chinese regulators have loosens their oversight leading to an influx of private capital.

5 Dividend Plays In A Volatile Year

The upcoming months are going to see heightened volatility as US and China both ratchet up their trade war rhetoric. Meanwhile, prospects of the Fed’s interest rate hike are also keeping the market on its feet as it prepares for the possibility of a total of four hikes this year. According to UOBKH, investors should be turning their focus towards mid-large cap picks that are cash generative and provide decent dividend yield to help protect any price downside.
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5 Chinese Stocks Boasting Sound Fundamentals

With China’s A-shares’ inclusion into the MSCI Emerging Market index, interest in Chinese shares is on the rise. In addition, if you are an investor looking to gain exposure to Chinese shares, which are some of the recommended shares to watch? According to UOBKH, here are the five best Chinese shares with strong fundamentals to watch out for.
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Time To Sell MY Construction Stocks

After months of optimism, it is probably time to sell away Malaysia’s construction stocks, according to UOBKH and CIMB. Malaysia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that the government will be scrapping MRT 3, days after he announced to pull the plug off the High-Speed Rail (HSR) project.

6 Gems In SG Small-Mid Cap Space

Blue chips have always been the focus of most Singaporean investors. However, instead of solely focusing on blue chips, RHB recommends investors to add some quality small-mid cap names in to their portfolio to increase the potential returns. Here are 6 small-mid cap gems that RHB thinks investors should be adding into their portfolio.

3 REITs That Delivered Mixed Performance

Driven by higher hi-tech contribution, Mapletree Industrial Trust recorded results that were largely in line with MBKE’s quarterly forecast. Occupancies of its Singapore portfolio showed slight improvement compared to last quarter. However, most segments that were up for renewal saw negative rental reversions, except for the hi-tech segment.