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Time To Switch Faith Into These 5 MY Stocks

2018 ended on a sour note for majority of the companies listed on the Malaysian stock exchange. With headwind expected to continue weighing on market sentiments, CIMB recommends to switch faith into these five MY stocks.
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5 Things That Will Define 2019 For Investors

The investment environment has become more challenging as the global economic cycle has entered the late stage cycle. With economic growth, global politics, and central bank stimulus all at turning points, markets are beginning to prepare ahead, UBS points out some of the things that investors should look out for in the current macroeconomic backdrop.
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4 Investment Strategies To Navigate Singapore’s Stock Market

With the negative momentum from 2018, the STI could remain under pressure despite the strong performance in January 2019, according to RHB. While the valuation and dividend yield of STI makes it compelling for long-term investments, RHB thinks that investors should continue to stay selective in navigating the market in 2019.

5 MY Small Caps That Are Worth Considering

The market seems to be shifting its preference towards large cap stocks. This is not surprising given the current investment climate where investors are seeking safe havens. As concerns over global economic growth continue to linger, should investors stay away from small cap stocks? Not quite, according to CIMB. There are a few small cap gems that CIMB thinks is worth adding into your portfolio given their relative risk-to-reward.

Kick Off Your Alpha Pursuit With These 5 SG Stocks

UOBKH’s alpha pick portfolio managed to outperform the broader market last. Even during the tumultuous month of last December, as a result of uncertainty from the US-China trade dispute and tightening of US monetary policy, UOBKH’s alpha picks managed to stay resilient and put up a reasonable performance.

2 Investment Strategies To Beat KLCI

Investing in the Malaysian stock market is not for the faint hearted. After the coalition opposition Pakatan Harapan toppled the Barisan Nasional in the General Elections, many past deals made by the former administration were scrapped or reviewed. Investors became increasingly risk averse and many MY stocks declined significantly to depressed valuation by the end of 2018.

3 Things To Do If US-China Trade Talks Go Wrong

With the 90-day truce in the US-China trade war coming to a halfway mark, attention is now on the outcome of those talks. While the news so far appears to be indicating that the talks will end in a positive note, it is hardly a foregone conclusion.

Looking For Winners In 2019? Check Out These 4 Investment Ideas

The Trump effect that had buoyed global markets has ironically turned to take its toll on as tensions with China ratcheted up a notch. Despite the underperformance of the Straits Times Index in 2018, UOBKH’s top picks managed to outperform the broader market last year.
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4 Defensive HK Stocks You Want To Own In 2019

The year 2018 ended on a poor note as market sentiment took a negative turn in December. The Hang Seng Index (HSI) dropped 6.3 percent in the month alone. Heading into 2019, UOBKH expects the markets to remain volatile amid the weakening manufacturing activities in China. Thus, for 2019, UOBKH recommends focusing on defensive stocks to start the year. Here are five defensive HK stocks that UOBKH thinks you should own in 2019.
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2019 Investment Strategies: 2 Sectors To Stay Defensive With In 2019

Weighed down by the US-China trade uncertainties, global growth is expected to slow down. Though a 90-day tariff truce was agreed in December, no concrete details of any potential trade deal have surfaced. In this article, we highlight two sectors DBS recommends investors that are looking to stay defensive.