Kick Off 2019 With These 4 Alpha Large Caps

In this article, we continue to highlight some of CIMB’s top alpha picks for the New Year. For investors who are seeking to outperform the market, here are four large cap stocks that CIMB thinks will fit your investment goal in 2019.
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4 Small Cap Picks To Start 2019 On The Right Note

As the excitement for the New Year passes, it is back to business for many investors to hit the right note for 2019. To help investors start off the year right, CIMB has compiled its top small cap and large cap picks for investors. Here, we will highlight four small cap picks that CIMB has recommended to help you kickstart your route to alpha returns in 2019.

2019 Investment Strategy: 4 Bombed Out Value Plays To Invest In

In the first two parts of this four part series, we highlighted two of four investment themes that DBS recommended for 2019 (Defensive plays with strong earnings visibility & yield plays with growth potential). With the market on the backfoot, DBS thinks that there is potential for value investors to seek value plays. In this article, we highlight another key investment theme that DBS recommends for investors in 2019: Bombed out value plays.

What To Look Out For In The Stock Market In 2019

In today’s connected markets, macro events in one market can have rippling impact on the world. For example, the trade war spat between the two largest economies in the world has created uncertainty over global economic growth in 2019. The stock market was starting to find its footing until the unthinkable trade war took place. According to CIMB, here are some things investors should be looking out for in the market that would determine the market outlook in 2019.
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2019 Investment Strategy: Defensive Stocks With Strong Earnings Visibility

The last few days of 2018 were a roller coaster ride for investors around the world. The US stock market sunk into correction territory before rebounding with the highest daily gain in US history. DBS foresees uncertainty to continue affecting the market following a climbing wall of worries from trade war to interest rate hike to currency turmoil.
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Why SEA Internet Economy Is Booming

For the past three years, sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings has been partnering with Google to publish an annual report on Southeast Asia’s digital economy.

3 Value-Play REITs That Should Be On Your Watchlist

As investors continue to adopt a risk-off mode, investments have been flowing into defensive stocks. In particular, valuation of REITs has been jacked up due to investors’ interest in increasing exposure to defensive stocks. Investors who were late to the party have been finding it difficult to find REITs that are at the right price. For these investors, there are three REITs that DBS thinks will slowly emerge as value plays as we approach 2019.

3 REITs With Strong Earnings Visibility For Low-Risk Investors

In the last two months, stock markets around the world have been falling as investors lost confidence in tech companies’ valuation. Moving forward, 2019 appears to be a year where stocks with solid earnings profile are going to thrive. According to DBS, there are three REITs with strong earnings visibility that are suitable for low-risk investors to position their portfolio in 2019.