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MBKE: 3 Discounted Stocks with Strong Cash Flow

According to MBKE, Singapore and Singapore corporates have been putting a premium on growth and not enough focus on risks. MBKE reckons that investors should focus on lower-risk and yield assets rather than chase expensive growth stocks.

4 Things You Need To Know About Investment-Linked Policies

Have you ever encountered a situation where your financial planner comes to you with this alien acronym “ILP” where he/she touts to you on how good the investment returns are as compared to the usual whole life insurance plans?

MBKE: 3 Reasons Why S-REITs are Still Hot

Investors have pushed S-REITs to the back of their minds for a while, with expectations of interest rate hikes from the US. However, there are now three compelling reasons why you should get your hands on S-REITs before they get too expensive.

DBS: 4 Sustainable Dividend Plays for 2H16

With an average dividend payout ratio of 55 percent and dividend yield of four percent, Singapore remains an attractive haven for yield plays. DBS recommends holding on to yield plays with net cash and sustainable free cash flows rather than REITS.
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RHB: 4 Reasons Myanmar Is the Next Hotspot for Growth

Myanmar, touted as the “last frontier economy in Asia”, has shown renewed interest in the economy as it opens up. Pro-business sentiments are growing, with both the Government and military eager to see progress for the nation. Here are four reasons why Myanmar is your best bet for growth in the coming five years.

UBS CIO: 4 Things to Do Following Brexit

A number of things happened following Brexit—the resignation of the UK prime minister David Cameron, a significant fall in major indices, Boris Johnson’s withdrawal from the PM race and Nigel Farage’s resignation from UKIP, etc. Furthermore, International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its growth outlook for the Eurozone on the back of the Brexit vote. IMF warned that a new climate of uncertainty across the single currency bloc will dent confidence, fan financial market volatility and spill over into other economies.
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DBS, CIMB: Keep Calm & Stay Defensive after Brexit; 3 Plays to Consider

The unexpected occurrence of Brexit sent a shock across financial markets, causing stocks over the world to tumble. Will Brexit take on the catalytic role like Lehman’s collapse before the global financial crisis (GFC)? Regardless of the answer, here are three things CIMB and DBS recommend investors to do after Brexit: