4 Trending Stocks You Need To Know (Part 1)

A stock catalyst is a revelation or event that causes the price of stocks to move. Such events break the stock price momentum and allow investors to unlock value that the market has previously failed to realize.

UOBKH: 3 Value Plays in the Plantation Sector

Over the past two months, the plantation sector has been outperforming the market average (i.e. Singapore’s STI and Malaysia’s KLCI). According to UOB Kay Hian (UOBKH), the plantation sector has been gaining investor confidence after its strong year-to-date performance against the STI as well as the increasing trajectory of crude palm oil (CPO) prices.

Credit Suisse: 3 Stocks to Own As Tourists Return to Singapore

2016 could be a record year for tourist arrivals. With 12 percent year-on-year growth in tourist arrivals in Jan-Feb 2016, Credit Suisse expects tourist arrivals in Singapore to surprise positively relative to Singapore Tourism Board's (STB) expectations.

3 Steps to Create Retirement Annuity Using Stocks

In the previous article, we talked about choosing the right endowment product for retirement. While endowment products can help to encourage saving by enforcing “compulsory” savings, there are some downsides to endowment products too. After all, these are products designed by insurance companies to help themselves make profits as well. Here are two downsides of endowments:

Planning Your Retirement; 3 Key Considerations

According to a recent poll conducted by Aviva, more than half of Singaporeans are worried they will not have enough money to maintain an adequate standard of living when they retire.