UOBKH: Stay Selective; 4 Recommended Stocks for 2H16

2Q16 was a disappointing season as more companies under-delivered and cut dividends. UOBKH recommends investors to stay selective in companies with resilient earnings and dividend yields amid the uncertain outlook. Here are four stocks that UOBKH highlights as its recommended buys for 2H16.
The Hive, Nanyang Technological University's new learning hub. An eye-catching building by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, it was designed to facilitate collaborative learning and student interaction with 56 smart classrooms.##########a##########ONG WEE JIN

4 Ways to Pay for Your Tertiary Tuition Fees

Getting a decent tertiary education is a top priority of youths in Singapore. But it is also very costly. Here are four ways you can plan for your tertiary education tuition fees.
Marc Faber under Skagenfondenes nyttårskonferanse 2009.
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Marc Faber: 4 Signs That Market Crash Is Imminent

If perma-bear Marc Faber (aka Dr Gloom) is right, stocks are likely to endure a gut-wrenching drop that would rival the greatest crashes in stock market history. Even though US markets have been setting new record highs in recent weeks, Marc Faber foresees a 50 percent drop in developed markets.

UOBKH, MBKE: 4 Implicit Implications of Swiber’s Collapse

It has been three weeks since the sudden collapse of Swiber Holdings. Swiber was the first major casualty of a protracted slump in oil prices. Of course, nobody expected such a turn of event. The announcement came as a shock as Swiber had fully repaid $130 million of medium-term notes (MTN) on 6 June and $75 million of MTNs on 8 July.

Phillip Securities Research: Investors Need to Be Selective In Industrial REITs

The industrial sub-sector of S-REITs is facing major headwinds in 2H16 and 2017 due to an onslaught of supply coming in the near term coupled with weaker demand. However, opportunities still exist in the industrial sub-sector as Phillip Securities Research (PSR) recommends investors to stay invested in three industrial REITs with strong fundamentals.

DBS, OCBC: Fed Divided Over Rate Hike Again; REITs Back In-Favour

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) July meeting minutes released showed that members were divided over the urgency to hike rates. Some officials were expecting inflation to remain low in the near term, while others believed that the US labour market conditions were at or close to full employment.

3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself about the New CPF Recommendations

New retirement plans to improve the Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme and help Singaporeans cope with the rising costs of living in their golden years are in the works...The two new recommendations submitted are: CPF Life plan with escalating payout and Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS).