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Singapore’s Current Economy In 4 Charts

Economists and the Singapore government are optimistic about Singapore’s economy in 2017, forecasting a higher growth than last year’s two percent. Their primary cause for the positive outlook is global growth recovery. But is that the case?

Bloomberg: 6 Investment Experts Suggest Where To Invest Now

Despite unprecedented events constantly surprising the world economy and investors, the US bull market has celebrated its eighth birthday. How long can this bull market last? Bloomberg's Suzanne Woolley gathered advice from six investment experts on where to invest US$10,000 right now.

DAR Wong’s Take On Trumponomics

Macroeconomics and stock market veteran DAR Wong shared his take on US President Donald Trump, "Trumponomics" and how he thinks it might impact the various markets around the world.
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Important Things To Know About Binary Options Trading

Is trading binary options equivalent to gambling? Well, binary options are considered to be very speculative and thus dubbed as "gambling" at times. With the recent warnings from the MAS, investors and traders alike should be well-educated with the basics of binary options, at least, before thinking of trading them - regulated or unregulated.

Prices Of Food & Groceries—Singapore Versus Malaysia

Is grocery shopping in Singapore expensive? How about eating a meal at a hawker centre? Of course, if we were to compare the prices now and two or three decades ago (in almost every country), we'll realise that things were a lot cheaper in the past - it's called inflation, by the way.