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CS: 3 SG Stocks Expected To Ride On Smart Nation

A new report from the government’s Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) made several recommendations. It mainly consists of a continuation of existing policies while maintaining the government’s mid-term GDP growth rate at two to three percent. The key highlight of the report will be the affirmation of the Smart Nation project as an important part of Singapore's future. Three stocks were selected by Credit Suisse Research as the best proxy for investors to get involved.

Admiral: Why ABSD Is Just A Short-term Measure For Property Market

Recently, two major real estate consultancies, in their recently published research reports, have forecasted that the Singapore property market may see further correction in 2017, and the consultancies believe that this may prompt the government to scale back its property cooling measures.

CMC: Embrace The Era Of “Trumponomics”

It has been a very busy start to 2017, with a series of new policies and transformations that the US president Donald Trump brought to the market. After scrapping the TPP, banning Muslim immigrants and threatening to “build a wall” on the Mexican border, he finally bought Wall Street a big present – revising the Dodd-Frank Act.
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2017 Advice From 3 Renowned Investors

1. Jim Rogers: Dump Stocks If Trump Wages On Trade War; Buy Dollar Jim Rogers has a warning for investors in 2017: If Trump wants to continue waging trade wars with other countries, especially China, then star...
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Kim Iskyan: Why The Year Of The Rooster Could Be Great For Markets

A new Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, should have no impact on stock markets – whether here in Asia or in the U.S. Stock markets don’t know the month – or the zodiac year, of course. But it’s a fact that some years of the Chinese zodiac are better than others for stock markets. And the Year of the Rooster – which just started last week – is one of them.

Bloomberg: Investors Have Never Loved OPEC So Much as Cartel Sticks to Cuts

The group cut supply by 840,000 barrels a day last month, according to a Bloomberg survey, and Russia, the largest of the non-members taking part in the deal, reduced output by 117,000 barrels a day. WTI has traded above $50 a barrel for the past seven weeks, encouraging Wall Street investors to fund more drilling in U.S. shale fields.

Dr Chan: Don’t Exit Too Early as Hang Seng Rebounds; Gold Price Stands to Surge

The Hong Kong stock market opened yesterday while the mainland China stock market is still at rest, and US stocks had been falling for the past two days. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the Hang Seng Index opened low at the beginning of the New Year. Before that, I had suggested that investors could try betting on a rebound if the Hang Seng opened low.
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DBS: 3 Major Events In Feb 2017 & 4 Notable Stocks

The first 100 days of Trump's presidency, CFE project and Singapore Budget, and 4Q earnings - possibly the three most major events Singaporean investors must take note in February, and 4 stock ideas that could take advantage of these events.

CMC: Trump’s Protectionist Stance Threatens Free Trade

Singapore stocks are embracing a pre-Lunar New Year rally fuelled by optimism from earnings and the rebound from crude oil prices. The trading volume has picked up, signalling that capital is flowing back to the local market for yield-hunting and bargaining.


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