DBS: Asian Equities Outlook For 2Q17

President Trump’s anti-globalisation and trade war threats were shrouded by his ‘American First’ promise and his push to unwind the Dodd-Frank act. The market has since returned to its rational state so how should investors look at the market in the next few months?
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What Investors Need To Know About New Property Cooling Measures

With residential property prices falling for the 13th consecutive month, the government has unexpectedly eased some property cooling measures. It is unexpected for the market as the Minister for National Development has expressed his firm stance towards keeping the property kerbs last month.
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Kim Iskyan: This is How Trade Wars Start

A boy with a straw and a spitball can start a war involving guns and grenades. Earlier this week, the American government fired a spitball. On Tuesday, the U.S. government announced that air travellers from ten cities in the Middle East would not be permitted to carry electronic items any larger than a phone into the cabin on flights bound for the U.S.

2 Major Changes & 6 Risks In The New World Order

“How to profit in the new world order” is the theme for the Shares Investment Conference (SIC) 1H2017, which will be held on 6 May (Saturday). In this article, we have summed up two major changes to the global economy, as well as six risks that investors face.
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CS: 5 Debated Economic Issues You Need To Know

In this article, we round up some of the key investment questions that have been debated around the market. And here are five questions highlighting in Credit Suisse's report that will give you an alternative perspective on investments.

Dr Chan: Why the Hong Kong Property Market Follows the Stock Market

The property market remains hot after the Fed rate hike, with new property sales launched one after another and sold out in the blink of an eye. Many foresee that the property market will keep rising, while others think that the property bubble is going to burst soon.

CMC: “Trumponomics” Faces Challenges From FBI Probe

We’ve just entered Day 60 of the Trump administration and there is little cause for celebration outside of Wall Street. US equities are still refreshing their record highs buoyed by optimism surrounding “Trumponomics” – tax reform, deregulation, an infrastructure plan.

CS: 5 Reasons To Be Bullish On Emerging Market Equities

Emerging Market equities returned 9.2% as of 16 February 2017, the second strongest start to the year (US Dollar price performance). The strongest was in 2012, which it returned 14.2%. According to Credit Suisse’s research, the analyst team believes that this is going to be the start of EMs outperformance against global equities.
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CS: Winners & Losers Of Protectionism

Is protectionism going to help make America great again? Or is it just going to hinder the US’s progress moving forward and allow other economies like China and Europe to take over them? CS weighs in on the cost and benefit of protectionism and analyses whether anyone stands to gain from protectionism.


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