The Tell-tale Signs Of U.S. 10-Year Bond Yield

On the 24 April, US 10-year bond yield reached 3 percent for the first time since 2014. Market investors became worried and Dow Jones benchmark fell more than 400 points on that session. The following morning, all Asian stock indexes declined while the Dollar Index rose more than 1 point to almost 91.00 region.

These Policies Will Crash The Singapore Economy!

In response to a call by our respected President Halimah Yacob for bold changes to help Singapore face a different future, which all of us at the kopitiams nod our heads in agreement, some smart Alec who probably stuffed his head with too much knowledge suggested some mambo jumbo idea that only people living in ivory towers can agree with!
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Gabriel Gan: China Takes A Step Back

Trading this week has been volatile owing to the threat of a possible global war. The focus of the trade war will invariably be on Sino-US economic relations, as President Trump had slapped tariffs worth some US$50 billion on Chinese imports while the Chinese, who are trying to avoid a tit-for-tat, imposed a “symbolic” US$3 billion on US goods entering China.

SI Research: 3 Key Reasons Why Sembcorp Marine Is A Buy

Investors onboard Sembcorp Marine (SMM) has found themselves in murky water after the disappointing results for 4Q17. The net loss of $33.8 million recorded for the period must have surprised many of the market participants that were expecting slightly better results.
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Dr Chan: Always Have A Plan, Even When The Market Shudders

On 2 February 2018, Janet Yellen stepped down as the Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairwoman having completed her term. In a show of “protest”, Wall Street sold off as the US bellwether Dow Jones Industrial Average index (DJIA) fell 665.75 points, capping off its largest decline since June 2016.

How Is Technology Impacting Inflation?

After the US published surprisingly robust data for unemployment and hourly wages in early February, the global stock market recorded a quick sell-off. At its trough, the Strait Times Index had a month-to-date fall of 4.5 percent, and other markets, especially the Greater Chinese bourses, had sharper falls. Hong Kong, for example, recorded its sharpest weekly fall in history when the Hang Seng Index fell by about 10 percent. In Hong Kong, the fall has since then been nicknamed the “Black Week”.
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Dr Chan: Stocks To Watch In A Bull Run

It was nothing short of a bull market since the start of 2018 with the US market jumping higher and higher. The three major US indices kept on creating record highs as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) hurdled past the psychological 25,000-mark, which was a dream level especially when the US bull market has been surging for the past nine years.


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