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3 Rules To Abide By When Saving Money

Singaporeans are lovers of discounts; when there is one, there will always be a large crowd in-line. We love getting bargains, and that’s why so many of us like to cross over the causeway to Johor Bahru for cheaper food and groceries.

Are You “Asset Rich” But “Cash Poor”?

Ownership of virtually anything gives us a sense of security. The feeling of having 'stuff' to one's name is oddly satisfying. We all want to own things; it's only human nature to be materialistic.

Credit Bureau Singapore: How To Avoid the Credit Card Trap

Credit cards have become an integral part of everyday modern life. Especially in this digital age where contactless and mobile transactions are the way to go, it is uncommon to find a peer without a credit card in his or her wallet.


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