3 Actionable Ideas (For Your Wallet) Before The End of 2016

Just one more week to the new year and some of us have either set our new year resolutions... or not. Here are three actionable ideas we can take before the end of 2016. It would be great to take action on all three but even starting on one is a good first step.

3 Things You Should Know Following The Dec 2016 Rate Hike

For the second time, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is raising interest rates. As of 14 December (US Time), the US Fed Fund rate range is 0.5 to 0.75 percent. Is that a good or bad thing for us? Well... It depends on which side of the fence you're on. Let's take a look at some (almost) immediate impacts as we move towards the new year in 2017.

Why Saving Alone Is Not Enough; Grow Your Income

If we ever want to retire, saving money from our salary income alone won't cut it. Unless of course, you are earning a five-figure salary since your twenties and thirties and save at least half or more of it. S...
Piggy Bank with savings formula

How Much To Save For A Part-Time Degree

For most of us, taking a degree - part-time or full-time is not as simple as "I want to take a degree". Oftentimes, it's the cost and amount of time we have to commit that is daunting.

Is Pursuing A Part-Time Degree Still Worth It?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their education paid for, all the way to university. But it seems like a requirement to have a degree. That being said, Singaporeans would still have a good chance of surviving without a degree, albeit restrictions in terms of career progression.

Spending $500 Monthly – Is It Possible?

The standard of living in Singapore is supposedly one of the highest in the world. Just look at the prices of our houses and cars, they say. But really, our hawker food culture, public transportation costs, and...


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