7 Money Lessons From 3 Failed Businesses In Singapore

Business issues are often considered a separate “world” from personal finance. But while the two are quite different, there are some important money lessons to be learned from businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are some things you can learn from failed businesses in Singapore.

3 Personal Finance Tips For College Students

Money is often tight as a college student. With a tuition grant, the need to pay rent and increasingly expensive meals, many find it difficult to spend freely on a limited allowance, much less set aside money for saving. Here are three lessons from famous investors or authors on how to manage your money wisely at college.

Prices Of Food & Groceries—Singapore Versus Malaysia

Is grocery shopping in Singapore expensive? How about eating a meal at a hawker centre? Of course, if we were to compare the prices now and two or three decades ago (in almost every country), we'll realise that things were a lot cheaper in the past - it's called inflation, by the way.

8 in 10 Singaporean Millennials Confident Of Comfortable Retirement

Millennials in Singapore are more optimistic about their retirement prospects than older generations, according to new research from Manulife. The Manulife Investor Sentiment Index (MISI)* revealed that eight out of 10 millennial investors in Singapore believe they will be able to maintain or improve their current lifestyle after they retire.
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Bloomberg: How To Survive The Robocalypse

In the debate about the impact of automation and robotics on the future of work, there is often a reductive push toward a Robocalypse, in which machines take all of the jobs.


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