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Global Trade War’s Ripple Effect On Market

Trump’s administration intends to impose tariffs amounting to at least US$50 billion on imports from China, mainly products coming from sectors such as aerospace, information and communication technology and machinery in order to further address the US$375 billion trade deficit with China. The ongoing trade war dragged Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) down by 723.42 points in a single trading day, closing at 23,957.89 on 22 March 2018, marking the second biggest single-day point drop in this year.

Invest In Asia Amidst Global Trade Uncertainty

Growing possibility of a trade war and uncertainty in President Trump’s policies continue to dominate news cover in March in the absence of news from the Fed. Yet, despite the possibility of a full-scale trade war or diminishing influence of US on the global economy, global growth indicators are still showing healthy momentum. With the Asian economies still going strong, DBS recommends investors to turn its focus to the Asian markets.

The Winners And Losers Of Protectionism

While a full-blown trade war has yet to be ignited, President Trump may be seen as trying very hard to kickstart one with his provocative actions. He recently announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminium imports and threatened to announce another on car imports from Europe. Notwithstanding that, he signed into a memorandum to impose tariffs on Chinese goods, worth up to US$60 billion!
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Recommedations For Chinese Insurance Companies

Investors have been concern about Chinese insurers’ weak “jump-start” sales to the growth compared to the value of new business growth. However, analysts from DBS Research felt that the structural drivers in the industry remain intact as contributions from renewal policies continue to rise and that negatives have been priced in and may even be overdone.

How Did SG Stocks Fare For 4Q17?

With the 4Q17 earnings season just ending two weeks ago, how did each of the sectors fare in compared to consensus expectations?

5 Alpha Picks Following 4Q17 Results

The 4Q17 earnings season ended two weeks ago with largely uninspiring results. According to CIMB, companies missing the mark outweighed those that beat expectations by 15 to seven. Sectors like shipyards, aviation and telecommunications showed disappointing results.

Having Faith In S-REITs

Spike in the 10-year bond and fears over inflation have led to a sell-off among S-REITs in recent weeks. Some investors have raised concerns that this resembles the painful memories of 2013 where S-REITs plunged 22 percent. However, in DBS’s opinion, the recent sell-off is different and largely overdone. Instead, DBS recommends investors to continue keeping faith in S-REITs and invest in them at a discount.

4 Small-Mid Caps To Achieve Higher Growth For Your Portfolio

DBS Research has been looking at several small-mid-cap stocks due to the positive results announced in the latest quarter. In fact, according to DBS, there are “at least 16 Small-mid Caps… offering more than 10 percent earnings growth” in the FY18.

Dr Chan: How To Select Dividend Stocks

The stock market is still undecided on its direction as it continues ebbing up and down. The technical tools for analyzing trends in the stock market are also not perfect.


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