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5 Alpha Picks Following 4Q17 Results

The 4Q17 earnings season ended two weeks ago with largely uninspiring results. According to CIMB, companies missing the mark outweighed those that beat expectations by 15 to seven. Sectors like shipyards, aviation and telecommunications showed disappointing results.

4 Small-Mid Caps To Achieve Higher Growth For Your Portfolio

DBS Research has been looking at several small-mid-cap stocks due to the positive results announced in the latest quarter. In fact, according to DBS, there are “at least 16 Small-mid Caps… offering more than 10 percent earnings growth” in the FY18.

Dr Chan: How To Select Dividend Stocks

The stock market is still undecided on its direction as it continues ebbing up and down. The technical tools for analyzing trends in the stock market are also not perfect.
LY corp

SI Research: LY Corporation – Earnings Jump 17.8 Percent In FY17

Shares Investment previously featured LY Corporation in early February 2018, in conjunction with the group’s listing. Click HERE for the detailed write-up about the insights we gain from our meet up with the management. In this article, we will follow up on the group’s latest FY17 earnings result.

The Plot Behind Trade War

In today’s world, we are not just being threatened by a typical military warfare but also face two other high degree menaces in cyberwar and trade war. The latter two may not kill physical human beings but can destroy the enemy’s economy many times worse than the conventional ways.


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