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SIC2H19: How Compelling Would HKEX Make Its Offer To Win Over LSE?

On 11 September 2019, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) announced a £29.6 billion cash-and-stock acquisition offer to to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) to create an Anglo-Asian connectivity platform that benefits all of China, Hong Kong and the UK. HKEX CEO Li Xiaojia, said the deal was a "marriage of the century." Should the two successfully merges, the expected market value will likely exceed US$70 billion.

Pay Attention To These 2 Upgraded Stocks

The impact of the ongoing trade war between China and the US can be seen in 2Q19 results of which 16 out of 61 stocks that were under RHB Invest’s active coverage reported earnings that were below estimates. Me...

SIC2H19: Hong Kong’s Fundamentals Intact Despite Unrest

Sparked by the government's contentious extradition bill, civilians and protesters continue to hold large scale protests and rallies in Hong Kong. The social unrest going into its fourth month, sees no signs of easing. How would it affect HK's reputation and status as Asia's financial hub? How would it affect HK's long-term economic development and investment prospects?

When Investing For Dividends Could Be A Trap

The old adage of “one man’s meat could be another man’s poison” cannot be more apt especially when it comes to investing. In politics, we have seen how the West have consistently tried to impose the western style of democracy on African and Asian countries but there is a proliferation of a new trend that calls for the West to not interfere in the affairs of countries that do not adopt the western style of politics.

SI Research: Reviving Stale Bread With Food Junction?

On 2 September 2019, BreadTalk announced its acquisition of Food Junction for $80 million to become the third largest food court or coffeeshop player in Singapore with 26 outlets, behind NTUC Foodfare/Kopitiam ...

SIC2H19: China Slashes RRR; Which Stocks To Look At?

Last week, there were two major occurrences in China and Hong Kong. First, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam, formally withdrawn the contentious extradition bill. The other was the signal to the real cost of borrowing in Mainland China by Premier Li Keqiang during a state council meeting.

SIC2H19: China To Loosen Its Monetary Policy; Why Now?

In an official meeting of China’s State Council, Premier Li Keqiang called for the Chinese cabinet to “timely” lower the real costs of borrowings. The Chinese government and central bank that usually heed such requests from the State Council, could ease its monetary policy soon.


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