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MY Stocks To Buy Post Election (Part 3)

Following part 1 and part 2 coverage of our 4-part series on CIMB’s Malaysia strategy, we follow up with part 3 of the series focusing on stocks that are set for a bumper year in 2018 even with the market uncertainty.

Cyclical Stocks To Ride On Late Stage Of Upcycle

Maybank Kim Eng has the conviction that the stock market is still going strong and has identified some cyclical stocks that are expected to outperform at this later stage of the upcycle. According to report, Maybank is positive on sectors such as banking, developers, industrials, consumer as well as the tech sector.

Markets Halt Gains Amid Conflicts

The last two weeks was a period pervaded with a series of disturbing unrests as news of conflicts around the world broke out one after another. Over the course of the past fortnight, deadly clashes from Israeli...

MY Stocks To Buy Post Election (Part 1)

May has been an eventful month for the Malaysian market: The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index posted a record high of 1,895 points to Pakatan Harapan’s historical win against the incumbent Barisan Nasional. With new Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir pledging to reopen the 1MDB case and review all national projects during Datuk Najib’s time, 2H18 could be a volatile time for the market.

REIT Strategy Amidst Interest Rate Hike Concerns

REIT is a popular category for Singaporean investors. With the Fed in the early cycle of its rate hike cycle, investors are getting worried about the prospects of the REIT they own. How should investors be investing in REITs in a rate hike environment?

6 Decent-Priced Stocks In Asia’s Best Performing Market

Following a strong performance in the Singapore stock market to date, investors are finding it difficult to look for decent-priced stocks to add to the portfolio. Here, we highlight five of UOBKH’s latest stock pick recommendations for the month of May that are touted to have room for its share price to run.

STI Notched A 10-Year High – Time To Buy SG stocks?

Dow has logged a seventh consecutive rise and small caps as measured by S&P600 index have just closed at a record high as of 11 May 2018. Our Singapore market has also done us proud by becoming Asia’s best-performing equity market on 2 May 2018, after rising to a 10-year high since the financial crisis of 2008. In view of the above, is it a screaming buy for our Singapore market, especially for small caps which have underperformed?


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