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Strategies To Ride On Rising Crude Oil Prices (Part 1)

With falling inventory level, increased geopolitical risks and better-than-expected compliance to production cuts within OPEC, crude oil prices are continuing to trend upwards since the oil price crash. Crude oil prices (Brent) have rallied to a high of US$75 per barrel, which is 17 percent higher than prices in early March 2018.

MY Stocks To Buy Post Election Because Of Fear (Part 4)

Following part 1, part 2 and part 3 coverage of our 4-part series on CIMB’s Malaysia strategy, we follow up with the last part of the series focusing on unappealing stocks that could surprise and beat the market in 2H18.

The Rise in Brent Crude Demand

On 8 May 2018, President Trump announced the withdrawal of United States from Iran deal and will restore wide-spread sanction against Iran. As major oil importers from Iran’s production, European countries like Germany and France, together with China do not appear to support the sanction. Soon after that, the U.S. – China trade talk held in Beijing also fell out with no outcome after the team led by Steve Mnuchin proposed a mandatory cut of US$200 billion trade surplus to be implemented by Chinese Government before 2020.

Why You Need To Diversify Your REITs Portfolio Now

When Australia’s Property Funds Association held its annual meeting in April, the conference title was “New Horizon: Exploring property opportunities”. As traditional real estate classes have rallied in the last several years, some institutional investors and their real estate asset managers are now looking to invest in other real estate classes, such as student housing, multifamily, and healthcare. These alternative asset classes provide additional yield, but more importantly, they have the ability to become institutionalised over the next investment cycle.

Cyclical Stocks To Ride On Late Stage Of Upcycle

Maybank Kim Eng has the conviction that the stock market is still going strong and has identified some cyclical stocks that are expected to outperform at this later stage of the upcycle. According to report, Maybank is positive on sectors such as banking, developers, industrials, consumer as well as the tech sector.

3 Small-Caps That Delivered Strong Growth This Quarter

Local investors often lament that our local stock market offers little growth stocks to ride on. That is perhaps due to the fact that local investors often shun small-cap counters. According to studies from Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama, small-caps often outperform their large-cap counterparts in the long run – on average. Here are 3 small-cap stocks that delivered growth in the latest quarter earnings season.

MY Stocks To Buy Post Election (Part 2)

Following our first part coverage of our 4-part series on CIMB’s Malaysia strategy, we follow up with part 2 of the series focusing on stocks that have strong presence in Malaysia.

Markets Halt Gains Amid Conflicts

The last two weeks was a period pervaded with a series of disturbing unrests as news of conflicts around the world broke out one after another. Over the course of the past fortnight, deadly clashes from Israeli...


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