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Singapore REITs

What Do Analysts Look At When Evaluating REITs?

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are relatively transparent vehicles. REITs are required by law to hold mainly rental real estate and to distribute most, if not all, of its net income as dividends. It is ...

Three Stocks That Might Be Worth Accumulating

Investors looking for stocks to invest in should watch out for the latest developments in these three stocks that stock analysts have picked up on due to their potential for capital gains. 1. Bumitama Agri (BA...
mapletree logistics trust

Watch These 3 Stocks With Acquisition Projects Today

1. Mapletree Logistics Trust After a recent equity fundraising exercise, Mapletree Logistics Trust held, OCBC Research expects gross proceeds of about $640 million.On top of that, it rolled out a 3.65% dis...

Dr Chan: HSI Very Close To Peak Of 2015 Rally

The US Federal Reserve meeting was conducted over 19 and 20 September. We would have known by Thursday morning that the US stock market continued to rise to new highs on 19 September. What this implies is tha...
LBS Bina-min

8 Malaysia Small/Mid Caps For A Defensive Portfolio

Following the seven large-cap stocks that CIMB Research recommends, we highlight eight more small/mid-cap Malaysian stocks that CIMB Research is optimistic about. 1. BoniaBonia was recently upgraded by C...


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