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CS: Winners & Losers Of Protectionism

Is protectionism going to help make America great again? Or is it just going to hinder the US’s progress moving forward and allow other economies like China and Europe to take over them? CS weighs in on the cost and benefit of protectionism and analyses whether anyone stands to gain from protectionism.
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Important Things To Know About Binary Options Trading

Is trading binary options equivalent to gambling? Well, binary options are considered to be very speculative and thus dubbed as "gambling" at times. With the recent warnings from the MAS, investors and traders alike should be well-educated with the basics of binary options, at least, before thinking of trading them - regulated or unregulated.
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AK: Thoughts On OUE C-REIT’s DPU Declining

Back in 2014, when OUE C-REIT had its IPO, AK warned that its gearing was too high and its distribution yield (which was financially engineered to be higher through income support given by the sponsor) was too low given its IPO price of 80c a unit. The IPO was a good deal for OUE Limited.

2 Pricey Tech Stocks You Might Want To Avoid

Since the start of the year, some technology stocks are partying like the pre-dot-com days in 2000. If history is any warning, these are some insanely expensive stocks to steer clear of.

Shares Investment Founder: 5 Tips For Retail Investors

There are many ways to make money. For instance, one can work, start a business, and invest, etc. For Mr Phan Tjun Sern, the founder of Shares Investment and the Chief Executive Officer at Pioneers & Leaders (Publishers) Pte Ltd, business and investment are the ways to go.


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