Dr Tee: Summary of Seminar with Hu Liyang in Singapore (14 Jan 2017)

I was invited as a co-speaker to this seminar (14 Jan 2017, Singapore) with Hu Liyang (胡立阳), a famous stock investing guru in Asia. As requested by a reader, I am giving a summary here to show the similarities and differences of my views with Hu Liyang (HLY) on the market outlook for the next few years.

Will Dividend Stocks Get Hit By Rising Interest Rates?

With interest rates maintained so low for such a long time, bond yields were low as well (negative in some places). Meanwhile, dividend stocks gained so much prominence, especially among income investors. But now that the Fed has raised rates twice, and will probably raise three more times this year, will our dividend stocks get hit and fall out of favour?

CMC: Embrace The Era Of “Trumponomics”

It has been a very busy start to 2017, with a series of new policies and transformations that the US president Donald Trump brought to the market. After scrapping the TPP, banning Muslim immigrants and threatening to “build a wall” on the Mexican border, he finally bought Wall Street a big present – revising the Dodd-Frank Act.

Dr Chan: Make Money from Income Stocks to Combat Rising Fees

Dr Chan Yan Chong’s latest book, whose title translates to He Who Is Financially Free 4: Insights into Eight Big Profiting Opportunities in the Stock Market, has been published in January this year. This book is the fourth one in the series, and it sums up Dr Chan’s wisdom that allowed him to profit from the stock market.
2017 rooster

Kim Iskyan: Why The Year Of The Rooster Could Be Great For Markets

A new Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, should have no impact on stock markets – whether here in Asia or in the U.S. Stock markets don’t know the month – or the zodiac year, of course. But it’s a fact that some years of the Chinese zodiac are better than others for stock markets. And the Year of the Rooster – which just started last week – is one of them.

CMC: These 10 Day-trading Tips Will Transform Your Trading Habits

Even the best of traders do not make a profit with every trade, so it is important to remember that loss-making trades are inevitable, irrespective of how well you know the markets. The following tips will help you navigate the financial markets, enabling you to devise a sensible and stable trading strategy.


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