DBS: 3 SG Stocks To Consider When The US Strikes Syria

With the US military strike against Syria under protest of the Russians, how should investors position themselves to protect or gain from the rising geographic risks? In this article, several REITs and stocks are highlighted to help you in such situation.
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DBS: 4 Defensive ASEAN Stocks For 2017

Based on the investment themes that DBS Research highlighted in their 2017 outlook report, here are four stocks that could ride on those investment themes. This article originally appeared on our eBook.

SI Research: Blue Chips Among The Blue Chips

John Schwinghamer, best-selling author and portfolio manager with a major bank in Montreal, once wrote in his book “PurpleChips” presenting an innovative method of stock investing by simply buying only into Purple Chips – a term he coined to describe high-quality and low-risk blue chips companies.