3 Blue Chips To Accumulate Amidst Market Sell Down

With the recent market sell down, investing in shares with strong fundamentals has become paramount to long term investors. For long term investors, DBS recommends accumulating on strong blue-chip names with significant upside, based on their current share price.
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How Do You Know If Dividend Stocks Are For You?

In this uncertain and volatile climate, many investors (and maybe even traders) might rush to holding more dividend stocks.Popular local financial blogger AK is huge on dividend stocks, simply because to him, investing for income is a very good way to achieve financial freedom. But how do we know if dividend stocks really suit us?

UOBKH: 5 Stocks to Own in 1H2017

2016 proved to be a volatile year with multiple political events and weak corporate earnings. Overall, the market still saw growth despite all the challenges in the year.
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Dr Chan: Yellen Might be Creating History; Investors Can Consider Bargain Hunting

Bank of Communications Co Ltd (03328) has started a good momentum for mainland banking shares— it managed to maintain a one-per-cent growth despite observers' poor outlook of its performance. Another important information is that its dividend remains unchanged. As of today, almost all mainland banking shares have become high-dividend shares.

Buffett: Always a Time to Buy; Be Rewarded in 10 to 20 Years

Not long ago we have summarised the main takeaways from Warren Buffett’s annual letter to his shareholders. He also gave an interview to CNBC. Coupled with the latest Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosure of his holdings, we can have a clearer view of the current market rout through the Oracle of Omaha.