Daniel Loh: 5 Important Market Events Not To Miss In 2017

If we were to look back at 2016, we will recall that the market had been through a tumultuous year. While many investors are waiting for the noises to die down, investment coach Daniel Loh thinks that the stock market in 2017 will remain vibrant and continuously reach new heights, mainly thanks to expectations of Donald Trump’s exciting policies.

Andy Yew: 2017 Is Great For Commodities; Don’t Be Too Defensive

2017 looks like a great year for most commodities. Previously, commodities were in a five-year-long bear market, but we finally saw a positive year in 2016, as shown by the Bloomberg Commodities Index which measures 22 raw materials. Since its low in January 2016, the Index has moved up more than 20 percent. I think this could be the start of a commodities bull run.

Why (Most) Commodities Might Suffer from Brexit Fallout

Commodities have been on a roll for the first part of 2016 but right after the Brexit fallout, S&P GSCI - a benchmark commodity index - lost three percent the next day. Will the commodities bull-run end because of Brexit?
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Daniel Loh Explains Oil and Agricultural Stocks

We have been bullish about crude oil since it reached $25-28USD. However, our opinion is that crude oil has almost already reached its peak. We think that crude oil probably will top at $52-$55 this year. And it has a high chance of not breaking $55 until next year.

Asian Stocks Rally with U.K. Futures, Pound as Brexit Odds Slide

Asian stocks rallied with U.K. equities futures and the pound surged by the most since 2009 amid signs Britons are warming toward the European Union ahead of a referendum on Thursday. The yen slumped with Treasuries and gold as haven assets fell out of favor.