DES MOINES, IA-DECEMBER 11: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks at a Town Hall style campaign rally at the Varied Industries Building at Iowa State Fair Grounds on December 11, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Recent polls continue  to show Trump holding a lead in the race for the Republican nomination for President.   (Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images

Dr Chan: Trump-Driven Bull Run Not Yet Over

US stocks registered the largest one-day adjustment since the start of the Trump-driven bull run. The reason reported by the media is that investors are getting impatient about the delays to Trump tax cuts. The suggested reason for the fall of bank stocks was the cooling expectations for future Fed rate hikes and the expectation of widening spreads.
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AK: Thoughts On OUE C-REIT’s DPU Declining

Back in 2014, when OUE C-REIT had its IPO, AK warned that its gearing was too high and its distribution yield (which was financially engineered to be higher through income support given by the sponsor) was too low given its IPO price of 80c a unit. The IPO was a good deal for OUE Limited.

RHB: 3 Undervalued Stocks That Almost Everyone Overlooked

If you think that the stock market is overvalued, maybe you are not looking hard enough. In its most recent report, RHB dug into tons of companies in the ASEAN region with a bottom-up fundamental analysis to unravel diamonds in the rough.

AK: Is Viva Industrial Trust (VIT) More Attractive With 9% Yield?

If we look at VIT's total gross floor area (i.e. all their properties put together), 2.22 million square feet or 62 percent of total GFA have about 20 years or less to their land leases left. Will the land leases be extended and if extended, at what cost to unitholders? If you are thinking about investing in VIT or are already invested, this has to be a pertinent question.

Apple Inc—The Apple of Investors’ Eyes?

In 2016, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway started purchasing Apple shares, and this year, in January, Buffett more than doubled his holdings in Apple, by adding almost 76 million Apple shares to its holdings...So why this sudden love for Apple then?

AK: What Is QAF Limited Really Worth?

AK previously wrote about QAF Limited last month and recently, QAF Limited has announced a 129% increase in full-year net profit. AK shares his thoughts about the Gardenia bread manufacturer.
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The Fifth Person: 7 Quick Steps To Pick The Best Dividend Stocks

As investors, we all love dividends. Other than the thrill of seeing a stock you own rise higher and higher in the stock market, receiving passive dividend income from your investments every year is something we all look forward to. Here are seven quick steps to help you pick the best dividend stocks around.

Dr Chan: Make Money from Income Stocks to Combat Rising Fees

Dr Chan Yan Chong’s latest book, whose title translates to He Who Is Financially Free 4: Insights into Eight Big Profiting Opportunities in the Stock Market, has been published in January this year. This book is the fourth one in the series, and it sums up Dr Chan’s wisdom that allowed him to profit from the stock market.