Janet Yellen, of California, President Barack Obama's nominee to become Federal Reserve Board chair, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday Nov. 14, 2013, before the Senate Banking Committee hearing on her nomination to succeed Ben Bernanke. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

DBS: 5 REITs To Own After Unchanged Fed Fund Rate

With the Fed taking a less hawkish stance in its interest rate decision, should investors reconsider the down beaten REIT sector in their portfolio? As interest rates are left unchanged, dividend yields from REITs will prove to be attractive for all investors alike. While not all REITs deserves to be added into our portfolio, here are five REITs DBS highlighted that we think are worth taking a closer look.
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UBS: Top 10 Investment Ideas For 2017 (Part 1)

As part of their 2017 house view, UBS came out with 10 ideas for investors in the coming year. It ranges from US equities to investing in commodities. Investors will have a range of investment ideas to choose from and position themselves for the coming year.

AK Bought BreadTalk Shares, But Just a Bit

I avoided buying Breadtalk's stock for a long time, probably for as long as I avoided buying their bread and I definitely have never bought their "fresh" soya bean milk before. All so expensive!

3 Reasons to Still be Optimistic About the Stock Market

As headwinds persist in the global economy, weak corporate earnings and countries over the world are seeking loose monetary policies to keep inflation up, investors wonder if that is the end of the rise of the market. This is given the assumption that dividend stock prices have already been pushed up by yield-driven investors.
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Why It’s a Good Idea to Take Dividends over Buybacks

There's been a lot of chatter about stock buybacks the past few years. Some people believe share repurchases are propping up the market; others think this is a myth, or a non-story. There is the claim that buybacks are identical to dividends, but this turns out to be less true in practice than in theory.

ECB Interest Rate Cut? Yes. Better Investment Opportunities? Not Necessarily.

Following European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to go further into the negative zone, we have to revaluate what does this means for investors. Mario Draghi, President of the ECB announced on Friday that interest rate will drop by another 10 basis points to -0.4 percent. The quantitative easing (QE) program will be expanded from the current EUR 60 billion to EUR 80 billion and extended to March 2017.

Dr Chan: HSBC Dividend High; AIA Worth Buying Low

Despite seeing worse-than-expected performance, HSBC Holdings (0005) is giving out higher dividend. This indicates that HSBC Holdings is still strong in terms of cash flow, and its subpar performance is due to increasing provision of its non-cash activities. Its business management is simply more conservative, but that should not be seen as a problem.