SI Research: 2 Undervalued Healthcare Stocks With High Growth Prospects

ASEAN is fast becoming a popular destination for medical tourism, equipped with top notch medtech and highly skilled doctors. Such state-of-the-art facilities are comparable to what is available globally and together with its low price point are the main driving forces behind the thriving industry. According to TforG report, Asia Pacific’s medical tourism industry, including the ASEAN region, accounts for over EUR15 million and expected to grow at 16 percent annually for the next three years.

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4 Things I Learned From Peter Lim’s Rowsley Deal

Rowsley shareholders are celebrating their “victory” as Peter Lim sells his stake in Thomson Medical to his public entity Rowsley. While the hype surrounds how much Rowsley skyrocketed, there are lessons to be learnt from Peter Lim’s sale of Thomson Medical to public-listed Rowsley.
Insulin Glargine

UOBKH Research: Beating MSCI China With These 5 Stocks

The MSCI China index managed to return a decent 20 percent year-to-date as it bounced off its low at the beginning of the year. Here are five companies that UOBKH Research believes can help you beat the MSCI China index.