Era Of Rising Rates, Choosing Between Developers and Reits

With a rising interest rate environment comes the dilemma among investors when it comes to choosing between property developers or real estate investment trusts (REITs) counters. The recent buoyancy in new home sales and news headlines about potential home price appreciation (HPA) have warranted some attention among real estate type stocks, be it developers or Reits stocks. What would be the impacts of rising interest rates and debt levels on these two sectors?

Get Defensive With REITs But Be Selective

Following the Fed committee’s view that inflation has no signs of overshooting above two percent, the market is now of the view that the gradual process of normalisation remains appropriate. This led to the easing of bond yields. In Singapore, the Singapore government 10-year bond yield has eased since peaking in May.
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4 Resilient REITs For Income Stability

Within the REIT sector, there are four resilient REITs that KGI recommends for investors looking to build a defensive portfolio when the current market sentiment is in the doldrums.

How Over Diversification Lowers Risk-Adjusted Returns

The Hong Kong Book Fair, which takes place in July every year, is the major publishing event of Hong Kong. Last year, my first book on REITs was fortunate to have won a publishing award at the Book Fair’s Hong Kong Biennial Award.

3 REITs With Double-Digit Upside Potential

Following our first article “4 Reasons To Invest In S-REITs Now”, we dive deeper into three REITs that DBS thinks could potentially reward investors with double digit returns.

1Q18 Top Performing REITs

Most S-REITs have reported their earnings result for 1Q18. In this roundup series, we kick off with a scorecard of the best-performing S-REITs. Among the universe of S-REITs, here are four touted to have bested expectations.

REIT Strategy Amidst Interest Rate Hike Concerns

REIT is a popular category for Singaporean investors. With the Fed in the early cycle of its rate hike cycle, investors are getting worried about the prospects of the REIT they own. How should investors be investing in REITs in a rate hike environment?

Why An Asia Pacific REIT Strategy Makes Sense For Singapore Investors?

As we have discussed in this column several months ago, Singapore’s real estate market seemed to have turned the corner in 2017. The enbloc transactions of residential projects suggest that developers are interested in accumulating their land bank again, and the early signs of office rental increases suggest that the general real estate market has reached an equilibrium point. As such, we have suggested that REITs and other forms of real estate may begin to see positive performance in 2018.