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7 Malaysia Big-Caps For A Defensive Portfolio

In the recent earnings season, Malaysia’s universe of stocks continues to underperform with 35% of companies covered by CIMB Research reporting below-expectation earnings.Only 9.0% managed to exceed market ...
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CIMB Research: 5 Tech Stocks With The Potential To Surprise

We previously covered three key drivers for the Singapore technology sector (M&A, Special dividends and earnings surprise) and in this article, we highlight five tech stocks that CIMB Research recommends with the potential of a positive surprise.
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UOBKH Research: Two Chinese Tech Giants You Shouldn’t Ignore

The valuation in US tech giants has skyrocketed since the end of 2016. Investors are starting to get wary of the sky-high valuation of US tech giants. Thus, investors are now turning their focus to the other tech giants across the globe, specifically the Chinese tech giants.