DBS: 3 Stocks To Know If You Fancy Tech

Following our previous article on the ways that investors can buy into the technology sector, we zoom in to three interesting technology stocks among the many that DBS Research highlighted.

DBS: 3 Ways To Capitalise On The Tech Boom

According to DBS Research, the technology sector boom is not about to stop. Moving forward, further strength from the semiconductor, smartphone and Internet of Things (IoT) markets could fuel growth and sentiments in the sector.

NRA Capital: Addvalue Making the Quantum Leap to Space

Addvalue Technologies Limited (Addvalue) announced on 12 April that it will be raising about S$6.0m to fund its space programme. It turned out that Addvalue has successfully tested a 20x10x10 cm terminal that when installed in low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites.

DBS: Four Sectors That Might See M&As In 2017

DBS has a prediction for 2017: If there are any theme plays in 2017, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and privatisation deals will be THE one. According to DBS, the wave of M&A and privatisation deals has gained momentum since last year.