The Fifth Person: 9 Things Learned From StarHub’s 2017 AGM

Last year, TPG Telecom was awarded the license to become the fourth mobile telco in Singapore. The Australian company is expected to commence operations in 2018. This event is causing a shake-up in the local telco industry as the marketplace is as crowded as it already is.

Barclays-RHB: 4 Ways to Pick Diamonds in Bear Markets

After a week of gains on the STI, the STI is now back to its downtrend following the fall of oil prices that were dragged down by comments from Iran and Saudi Arabia. Now, the million-dollar question that investors are seeking: Are there any companies that are worth investing in that can guide investors to the safe shores?
Daniel Loh SIC2H2015(2)

Daniel Loh: 3 Things You Need to Know about Stock Markets Now

After the Straits Times Index (STI) made a recovery of about 12 percent to 2837 points from 2528, local stocks guru and trainer Daniel Loh explained to us in a chat that the recovery was largely due to three factors -- the possible lifting of the Additonal Buyer's Stamp Duty, recovery of oil prices and worries about the Chinese economy are easing.

DBS: 2 Telco Stocks to Consider Upon 4th Telco’s Entry

Earlier this month, the forerunner for the 4th telecommunication (telco) company had all the current telcos in a frenzy—the new level of low in prices proposed by MyRepublic has M1, StarHub (STH) and Singapore Telecommunications (ST) slashing prices in anticipation of the competition. As a consumer, this is a great news but is it good for investors too?